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Acupuncture, A Second Rebirth In The West

Many times the West has not been very open to accept medical ideas from the East but so there is a growing interest in one of the oldest medicinal practices in the world, acupuncture. This has come as no great surprise to those who have been closely following health trends. People, while still very fond of the wonders of modern medicine, are starting to really see its limitations as well. Part of this can be credited to the use of homeopathic medicines. Modern drugs can be very strong but often times their full impact is not totally understood. Yes, they go through extensive testing and clinical trials but rarely is a drug studied for 20 years. With homeopathic medicines, the effects can be seen over a much greater time line. In most cases 1000's of years. The same is true of acupuncture.

Chinese history

Acupuncture has been practiced in China for about 5000 years. It breaks the body down in to 12 meridians. Each of those meridians control a certain organ or set of organs. When the body and mind are healthy is is because one's Qi (or chi) is in balance. When it is not the patent experiences pain or discomfort or perhaps mental effects such as depression. In acupuncture, needs are used to stimulate certain pressure points along the meridians to bring the chi back into balance. With its long history there has been ample time to find these points and to see the effects. To learn it well takes years of study and that is why you should only have the treatment done by someone well trained. Poor training will lead to soreness and ineffective treatment.

Acupuncture in the US

The current excitement in the US is really the second time that the Americans have taken a strong interest in the practice. Although it was used through out the 20th century it was not until 1972 did it catch the nations attention. What happened in 1972? That was the year the President Richard M. Nixon went on his historic trip to China. Visiting a communist country at the height of the Cold War keep America glued to newspapers and television. While there President Nixon watched open heart surgery preformed without anesthetics through the use of acupuncture.

Now, in its second rebirth acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, many of which, like fibromyalgia, have no effective modern treatment. It might be an old art but acupuncture should be considered when making treatment plans for any disorder. There is no harm in investigation.

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