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Truths Behind Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture can be a bit of a confusing area. It is littered with terms that are often misnomers. Additionally, spas have done much to muddy the water by using those terms and making lavish claims that are simply not obtainable. That makes it sound like it is a rather useless process but that is simply not the case. In fact, done correctly it can even provide you with benefits you did not expect. To get a good grasp on it you need to brush away the glamor shine that the spas put on it and instead learn more about how the true professional goes about things. Yes,there are acupuncturist that specialize in cosmetic work.

The evil spas

Spas have dragged down the cosmetic acupuncture profession. Many times they confuse their clients buy using terms like acupuncture face lift. Well, it is not a face lift at all. That term suggest that something much more radical will happen than will and this leads to disappointment. It can, however, help reduce or eliminate small wrinkles and soften deeper ones. It can make the jowls tighter and even reduce bags under the eyes and that is not a bad start to looking better. Even by calling it an acupuncture facial they allude to something it is not. There is no deep cleansing or chemical peels. They don't even put those funny looking cucumber slices over your eyes. The industry simply prefers cosmetic acupuncture.

True cosmetic acupuncture

This is the true upside of cosmetic acupuncture. Because it (acupuncture) is based very deep in Chinese medicine, the true professionals take an over all approach. This means that the whole procedure include more than just sticking needles into you. The are many herbs in traditional Chinese medicine that can treat a given condition and more that help the skin over all. These will be the same herbs you see in homeopathic medicine. That should not surprise you since homeopathic medicine traces its roots right back to traditional Chinese medicine. Oddly enough, acupuncture is almost the oldest part of traditional Chinese medicine and its use predates the use of many of the herbs. By using both, you get the unique properties that each has to offer.

Cosmetic acupuncture can not do all the things that a face lift can do. However, it can do things that a face lift could only dream of. Both can reduce wrinkles, but only the cosmetic acupuncture can make your skin start to glow and your eyes sparkle and in the end that is beauty.

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