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Acupressure For Weight Loss

The ancient Chinese system of controlling the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy through its pathways around the body can have very interesting effects on weight loss. Using acupressure massage to regulate the flow of chi is one of the most effective and certainly the least invasive form of this therapy. Until recently it was mostly considered as a way to balance out the main organs and processes of the body, and particularly to control pain and discomfort. Recent studies have re-evaluated ancient texts and techniques and discovered that acupressure can affect many more specific processes of the body than was previously thought.


Because acupressure massage is non-damaging and relatively easy to learn in its basic form, many people are able to develop their own techniques relatively easily, but it is recommended that a professional be consulted for more specific treatments using acupressure, such as for weight loss as the techniques are more complicated and very specific. That being said, there are some basic pressure points which can be stimulated in order to achieve some of the results with little chance of adverse effects.

Acupressure points are stimulated by either pressing and holding the pressure point with the finger or thumb for a couple of minutes, gently stroking the point, often with the palm of the hand, or circular motions and on and off pressure around the point using all parts of the hand.

The pressure points

The most easily used point for weight loss control is the point on the ear known to suppress appetite. Just above the ear lobe, there is a small ‘lump’ on the front edge of the ear, that can be felt to move considerably when the jaw is opened and closed. If this point is regularly pressed and held between thumb and forefinger, it has been shown to reduce the appetite considerably. There is another similar point just above the ear canal which has a related effect. You should study diagrams or seek professional advice to ensure that you are stimulating the correct point in the right way, but once mastered, this is an easy application of acupressure for weight loss.

There is a point just above the ankle bone which is claimed to affect the spleen and general digestive health, and numerous points on the shins and sides of the lower legs which affect many aspects of digestion. In combination treating these can significantly help with any weight loss program. Several major points on the arms can help control liver and large intestine function, and along with some other points that are stimulated to generally increase wellbeing and reduce stress will usually make up a weight loss acupressure therapy session.

Proper acupressure program

The most important of all these pressure points is the one in the front of the ear as described above, and anyone can convince themselves easily of the effectiveness of acupressure on that point. With a more holistic approach looking at the whole flow of chi around the body, great weight loss results can be achieved with no risk and minimum effort.

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