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Joseph Pilates Method of Training

The Pilates method of exercise is recommended to all men who want to have a fit body. It is the most effective kind of exercise which is deemed to bring in the most desired results in terms of a fit and fine body of the individual practicing it. However, there are very less number of people practicing Pilates who actually know how and where Pilates started from. The following will give you a lowdown on the history of Pilates and what it is all about.

The Pilates method was actually started by a man called Joseph Pilates who was the brain behind this extremely effective method of exercise. In fact, he used to be perennially ill when he was a child and this used to be a kind of deterrent in his day to day activities. However, he didn't lose and kept egging on with a positive attitude towards the idea that he can cure himself. As a result, he went on to discover Pilates.

Essentially, he used to carry on with his exercise routine by doing only simple sit up exercise, the ones that required him to stay flat on a floor and practice the methods he devised. Almost all of the methods that he incorporated in his extremely effective exercise schedule were copied from various animal positions. He used to observe animals and think about the various positions in which they carried on with themselves. After starting out from England, he went on to Germany and finally to the United States where he opened an exclusive Pilate’s gym to teach peoples the method of Pilates. Even though he passed away in 1967, his methods keep on getting popular across the world.

Pilates is essentially a method which is aimed at strengthening your body in terms of posture and flexibility, it is meant to increase your ability to move around with ease and be free from a lot of body posture problems and joint problems. Pilates has become popular world over due to the effective principles it employs. It basically focuses upon the following:-

  • It aims at improving the breathing of an individual. Breathing is a very important aspect of the body as ineffective breathing can lead to unnecessary fatigue and tiredness. It helps us to learn the essential ways in which we can breathe to promote proper respiration in the body so that the muscles receive adequate amounts of oxygen.
  • It teaches us various methods by which the lower portion of the body can be strengthened so that the person doesn't suffer from any sort of lower back problem like hip pain etc.
  • Pilates aims at making the person more focused and promotes the ability of a person to enhance his concentration levels in order to make him a balanced person.
  • Pilates focuses on working upon each and every muscle in the body in order to aid in an overall development of the individual in terms of fitness.
  • Pilates also helps one to bring in accuracy in the action one performs. This helps to make sure that on does not get clumsy while performing any kind of physical activity.

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