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What Is Pilates?

During world war one in early 20th Joseph Pilates was jailed in England. There to keep himself healthy he performed certain exercises. His exercises were then practiced by dancers and athletes to maintain their posture. This program provided them with the required strength and flexibility. This also helps to keep your body in discipline.

To provide your body with optimum results there were few basic philosophies assumed by Pilates. These philosophies are explained below.

  • Breathing: Similar to yoga Breathing is the core philosophy to optimize the results of your working program. There is certain difference with the breathing in Pilate and yoga. In yoga we use only our nose for both the breathing that is breathing in and breathing out. While in Pilates the breathing in done by nose and breathing out is followed through mouth.
  • Concentration and control: This discipline is also common in both yoga and Pilates. But unlike yoga Pilates does not demand for precision. As sometimes these precise postures of yoga are very much difficult to achieve. The beginners should practice from Pilates first. One should maintain complete precision over itself for achieving extreme results. One-hundred is one the good examples for achieving precision. For this you have to lay yourself on your stomach followed by moving your arms and legs keeping body unmoved on the ground. For this you require very precise movements.
  • Centering: Now in Pilates you have to concentrate on your physical practices. The muscles are the most vital part in the Pilates. Most of the concentration is maintained to achieve strong muscles.

Practicing Pilates at home or gym

Pilate’s classes are being offered by many health centers and gym. They would provide you with an instructor who would make you focus on the parts which need focus. Ideally these classes are meant for beginner. They will make you perform correct moves. You can also purchase Pilate DVDs which will demonstrate you with all the necessary moves. You can perform them in complete comfort at your home. This will also provide you with privacy.

Pilate mat is also one of the accessories you could purchase for comfortable exercise. One of the advantages of Pilates is that it does not involve any equipment that would consume a lot of amount of space. All the equipments used in Pilates are transportable. Certain equipments could enhance your practice like foam bricks and stability ball. But these are not necessary to be used.

As you will begin Pilate’s exercises you feel start feeling more healthy and flexible. You may also attain mental silence. It involves completes set of exercises for recovering from any muscle injuries. However you could not practice it for weight loss, as burns a very small amount of calories, but it helps to make yourself healthy and increase your body stamina. Pilate if combined with cardio could achieve you weight loss. Although, Pilates is without a doubt for the cardiovascular exercises also.

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