ZetaClear Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

ZetaClear is the most sought after nail fungus treatment especially if you have been suffering from nail fungus for a long period of time. ZetaClear is nothing but an anti-fungal cream which helps destroy the nail fungus thus freeing you of this nail fungus disorder.

Treatment for nail fungus

Like the dandelion seeds that gets carried by the wind and grows in almost all kinds of atmosphere the nail fungus like the dandelions reproduce very fast and are very hard to destroy or difficult to eliminate. Most of the times we spray a herbicide to destroy the growth of the fungus on living things the same rule of spraying a herbicide on human beings is not possible and it is obvious that herbicide cannot help treat nail fungus as these herbicides are harmful to the human body and are also poisonous to the human body so what is the solution to treat nail fungus? The answer being that ZetaClear is the best solution as it is an anti-fungal mode of treatment to treat nail fungus.

There are a number of anti-fungal nail treatments but then not all are as effective as ZetaClear as this ointment contains natural ingredients and more over they follow a very strict discipline where quality of the product is concerned.

ZetaClear follows the three basic factors that need to be taken care of when manufacturing any product i.e. the use of raw materials, the material used for packing the end product and the last but the most important being that they follow the manufacturing guidelines where quality is concerned. ZetaClear has undergone the toughest of tests where quality is the prime concern and it also follows all the legal protocols. The raw materials used are analyzed before being processed for its authenticity for the need of quality assurance as the raw materials are bought from reputable dealers who have certified copies of supplying authentic raw materials.

ZetaClear does not believe in confusing its consumers about the product nor does it allow improper labeling of its product as improper labeling can lead to aggravate the problem. ZetaClear does not compromise on the quality control of the product so it does not believe in compromising on its packaging too. ZetaClear is believes that its product is effective and helps cure people suffering from nail fungus disorder so it does not believe in compromising in anyway with regards to the product unlike other anti-fungal treatment ointments or solutions of other brands.

Each and every product has a detailed description of the manufacturing guidelines and this is the foundation for which this anti-fungal solution is the most sought after product in the market. ZetaClear follows high standard of product mixing and granulation, appropriate compression and encapsulation, proper and correct usage of liquid products, follows strict packaging rules and inspection and proper maintenance and storage of the final products.

There are many ZetaClear product options like you can order for a trial pack for one month or two months supply or three bottles a supply for three months or for that matter six months supply pack i.e. 4 bottles which comes with an additional 2 bottles free. You don’t need to worry about the world knowing about your nail disorder problem as the company believes in keeping its customers identity a complete secret so they deliver their goods in compete secrecy.

Blood Pressure Diet

The importance of the right food

Proper diet and regular exercises can prevent blood pressure easily. Person suffering from high blood pressure should avoid high amount of sodium, saturated fats and alcohol intake. There are lots of nutrients that prevent high blood pressure. For example omega 3 fats, potassium, soluble fibers, garlic, magnesium, vitamin C etc.

Garlic has blood thinning and purifying properties so it lowers blood pressure significantly.

Fibers are present in oats, peas, beans, citrus fruits etc. they play a key role in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Potassium again lowers blood pressure significantly. It is present in tomatoes, potatoes, beans etc.

The importance of the component of food

Magnesium widens the blood vessels and lowers and controls blood pressure. The best sources for magnesium are spinach, chocolate, almond, nuts, barley etc.

Vitamin C makes the blood vessels flexible thus they become wider and hence decreasing blood pressure. So vitamin C plays a vital role in blood pressure level maintenance. High doses of vitamin C are present in all the citrus fruits, oranges, cabbage, red peppers etc.

Fruits and vegetables are great source of energy, low calories, and significantly regulate blood pressure level and cholesterol. So blood pressure patients are advised to take lot of fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol directly raises blood pressure and thus damages the walls of blood vessels.

Too much of salt intake can again make high blood pressure even worse. Thus reduced sodium intake is strongly advised to blood pressure patients.

Saturated fats are very bad for blood vessels and heart as well.

Balanced high blood pressure diet should include moderate amount of fats and salts.

Monosaturated fats like olive oil etc are suggested to the blood pressure patients.they should opt for whole grains over white flour.

Regular exercise keeps arteries elastic, even in older people, thus ensures normal blood flow and blood pressure.

Reye’s Syndrome – Medical and Alternative Treatment

Reyes Syndrome

Signs and Symptoms

  • Sudden, continuous vomiting, especially following a flu-like upper respiratory infection or chicken pox
  • Confusion, irrational behavior, convulsions, or loss of consciousness
  • Irritability, sensitivity to touch, personality changes
  • Listlessness, excessive sleepiness, and loss of energy and aggressiveness
  • For infants, symptoms include diarrhea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, respiratory problems, and seizures


Reye’s syndrome was first diagnosed in 1963 and came to public attention during the 1970s, when frequent outbreaks accompanied the onset of flu season. Thanks to consistent public education campaigns, however, just two cases were reported between 1994 and 1997, down from an all-time high of 555 cases in 1980.

Reye’s can affect people of all ages, although it most commonly occurs in people from infancy to young adulthood. Generally appearing three to five days following the onset of a viral illness, Reye’s syndrome occurs without warning and progresses rapidly once symptoms occur. Although the disease is not contagious, it can cause serious damage to the liver and slight-to-severe brain dysfunction. Since there is no cure, early diagnosis is extremely critical. A patient should be observed carefully for symptoms for at least two to three weeks after a viral illness, such as flu or chicken pox (about one-third of cases accompany chickenpox), and a physician should be called immediately if any of the described symptoms develop.

Once physicians learned that the incidence of Reye’s syndrome increased when patients treated viral illnesses with aspirin, or medications containing aspirin, they have been more successful at keeping the number of cases under control. Although there is no conclusive proof linking aspirin usage to Reye’s, physicians now warn against the use of aspirin for viral illnesses.

Conventional Medical Treatment

If treatment begins as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms, there is a 50 to 90 percent chance of full recovery. The risks of lifelong injury increase significantly if Reye’s syndrome is misdiagnosed or if treatment does not begin immediately, since recovery is related to the degree of swelling in the brain.

Reye’s patients should be brought or transferred immediately to an intensive care unit staffed by medical personnel experienced in the treatment of the disease. To screen for Reye’s syndrome, physicians usually perform two liver function tests-SGOT (which tests for the liver enzyme serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase) and SGPT (which tests for the liver enzyme serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase). Test results are usually available within two to three hours.

Most patients recover completely from Reye’s syndrome with prompt, effective treatment, although there is the possibility of after-effects, ranging from very slight to severe motor or learning disabilities. The amount of rehabilitation needed varies widely, according to the damage. Those recovering from Reye’s syndrome should be thoroughly evaluated for problems related to memory, attention span, concentration, task completion, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and changes in activity levels. Parents should be aware that any of these problems also might result in learning problems in school.

Children who have been hospitalized for Reye’s syndrome also may experience emotional difficulties, such as over-dependency, sleep disturbances, depression, and anxiety. If parents encounter these problems, they may want to seek professional help.

Complementary and Alternative Treatments

Nutrition and Supplementation

Supplements should be given only after the recovery process has begun. Consult your healthcare provider before taking these or any other supplements. The following recommended daily doses are for persons over 18. For children between 12 and 17, use three quarters the dose; for a child between 6 and 12, use half; for a child under 6, use one-quarter the recommended dose.

  • branched-chain amino acids (as directed on label)-prevents muscle depletion
  • flaxseed oil (as directed on label)-maintains and restores skin suppleness and moisture
  • lecithin (1200 mg 3 times daily)-supplies choline, vital in the transmission of nerve impulses and energy production
  • vitamin B complex (50 to 100 mg)-supports healing
  • vitamin E (400 IU)-protects against free radical damage

(Consult your health care provider regarding the duration of treatment.)

Useful References

5 Best Essential Oils for Sunburn

5 Best Essential Oils for Sunburn

One of the main problems we encounter during summer is sunburn. When UV rays become sufficiently more than what the skin can handle, skin cells become inflamed which causes the release of pro-inflammatory substances and hasten the destruction of normal skin cells. The treatment of sunburn therefore, is to arrest this inflammatory reaction before it creates more serious harm and help the skin regenerate a lot faster.

This is where essential oils come in. Because many essential oils have excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, they are especially beneficial in the management of sunburns. That said, here are the 5 best essential oils for sunburn.

  1. Lavender Essential Oil  

Known as the CEO of all essential oils, lavender essential oil is the principal oil used in the management of sunburn. It is known for its anti-inflammatory effects as well as analgesic properties. To help you get the most of your lavender essential oil, you can mix 1 part of lavender EO with 20 parts of aloe vera gel. You can add 1 part of arnica-infused oil, but this is optional. Use the mixture to soothe the sunburn. You can also mix 1 part lavender EO with 1 part chamomile EO and 5 parts of milk. Put the mixture in your bath water and immerse your sunburned body for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Geranium Essential Oil 

Also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, geranium essential oil is also used in the management of sunburns. Its cicatrisant and cytophylactic properties also help in the faster healing and regeneration of damaged skin cells. To make full use of these anti-sunburn properties, you can add 3 drops each of geranium, chamomile, and lavender with half a cup of tepid water. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and you now have a sunburn sponge mix. You can also mix 2 drops of geranium to 2 tablespoons of milk then apply this over the sunburned area.

  1. Chamomile Essential Oil 

Did you know that chamomile essential oil is best used for the management of styes? This inflammatory eye condition has been known to respond well to a mixture of chamomile and other essential oils. By the same token, chamomile essential oil is also effective in the management of sunburns. You can mix 5 to 6 drops of chamomile with equal parts of lavender in cold water and use this to dampen a piece of cloth you can apply over your sunburn. You can also mix equal parts of chamomile and lavender with 5 parts of milk then use this as your body soak.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil 

One of the best ways to soothe the stinging sensation in sunburn is applying a concoction of peppermint essential oil. Peppermint also nourishes the skin which is often helpful after severe skin damage by UV rays. If your skin doesn’t have blisters, you can safely apply peppermint essential oil directly on the sunburn. However, if you have already formed blisters, it is advisable to make a peppermint infusion by adding 5 drops of peppermint oil with half a cup of cool water and use this to soothe the sunburned area.

  1. Tea Tree Oil 

The cicatrisant properties of tea tree oil makes it an ideal essential oil for the management of sunburn. This helps damaged skin cells to heal and regenerate a lot faster. To use this, mix one part of tea tree EO with 10 parts of coconut oil or even olive oil. Apply the mixture onto your sunburned skin. You can also add lavender EO to the mixture to make it more soothing. This helps reduce blistering as well as peeling.

While these essential oils are effective, the most effective sunburn management is still prevention. Protecting your skin when you go under the sun is important especially in summer.

Change Your Eating Patterns: 8 Anti-Aging Diets

You are hitting 30 and thoughts about ageing signs on the skin, lowering energy levels, fluctuating moods and poor hair health might have started coiling around your mind. No matter how many trips to the salon you make and numerous facials and other external treatments you subject your skin to, the youth in your body is not just dependent on external factors. You are what you eat. This statement is true by all means, irrespective of how cliche it might sound. Studies have shown that the consumption of certain foods can actually help you fight the adverse effects of ageing.

Take a look at these diets to stay young and happy

1. Greens On your Plate

Dark green vegetables

Your body needs carotene and lots of vitamin A, B, especially biotin to remain firm and healthy. Load up on adequate amount of spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and different colored bell peppers. Green vegetables, especially the ones which are dark in color are rich in anti-oxidants and are a powerhouse if vitamins. So wither make interesting salad out them, boil them to a broth or just enjoy them by stir frying. Your meal would taste delicious and simultaneously your collagen would also get a boost!

2. Magical Herbal Tea

green tea

Green tea or herbal tea is another wonder beverage which helps your body in multiple ways. It slows down the ageing process by supplying the necessary anti-oxidants which help you stay younger and gives a healthy flush to your face. You could choose a flavor of your choice – lemon and honey, ginger and lemon, chamomile, jasmine and others and also make it into an iced tea if you do not like its state when hot. Mint tea is said to be especially powerful in curbing the stress of your mind and giving a natural radiance to the skin. To add to this, that paunch on your belly would whittle away before you know it!

3. Natural Vegetable Juices

Fruit juice

While fruits juices are not ideally recommended, the freshly squeezed vegetables make for a brilliant drink and also a wonderful mid meal snack option. Beetroot and carrot juices are said to increase the fertility in people, both males and females, give a boost to the hemoglobin level of your body and supply you with enough water that will stay inside your body. Have you ever witnessed the sages at the Himalayas? Their wrinkle free face and sparkling eyes are a result of drinking these vegetable juices only.

4. Adequate Omega 3

diet omega

Eat salmon, tuna, pomfret, olive oil and coconut oil to get your doze of omega 3 fatty acids. If you are not a non-veg eater, then you could take in cod liver oil capsules which are the best source of omega 3 supplements. They keep the bad cholesterol level down, lower the risk of heart failure and are effective in managing your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

5. Power Proteins


After your thirties, the body’s metabolism slows down and the ability to build new cells start becoming sluggish. The nutrient which is the most important in the development of new cells is protein. Your work outs could get a lot more productive if you include sufficient fish, egg whites, low fat cheese, oats and horse grams in your diet. The energy level would drastically improve and the collagen of your skin which helps in keeping it firm would tighten up brilliantly.

6. Good Old Nuts


Nuts like Brazilian Nuts, almonds and walnuts are a powerhouse of Vitamin E and are rich in fiber as well. It gives your digestion a good exercise and increase the moisture level of the skin. Also, these healthy nuts prevent you from suffering cardiac diseases and control the tendency of depression. Studies have found out that eating nuts is an ideal way to prevent type 2 diabetes and melt away the unwanted fat which stubbornly gets accumulated after you hit thirty.

7. Digestive Yogurt


Yogurt is rich in probiotics which are considered to be very active in keeping your body young and disease free, not to mention they are good for your stomach, intestines and the entire digestive system. You could also use yogurt to clean your face externally as it makes for a wonderful and natural cleanser which enhances the complexion and glow of the skin.

8. Juicy Berries

juicy berries

Be it strawberry, blue berry, black berry, mulberry or the plain cherries; all of the berries are a rich source of vitamin C which is said to be the crucial nutrient to keep a disease free body and healthy gums and teeth. You surely do not wish to look like a crabby old woman who has no teeth to enjoy her meal or has a bleak smile because of sore gums!

Phenq Is The Most Reliable Weight Loss Solution You Can Find

Losing the extra layers of flab on body can be a daunting task for most obese persons. Obesity not only affects your looks adversely and leads to lower self esteem but it is also responsible for onset of serious ailments. You may become obese for various factors including genetics and lifestyle but finding the ideal weight loss solution is important. Do not go by the random weight loss diets for this as the result can be more harmful. Health experts recommend excising regularly but it may not be possible for you. So, you may try the weight loss pills. Even here, you need to choose cautiously. Not all weight loss pills bring expected results.

Why opt for Phenq?

You may wonder why picking Phenq over typical weight loss pills and supplement is good. This unique weight loss pill is way better than OTC products sold by various brands with tall claims. PhenQ is however made with powerful and selected ingredients that help lose weight sans any issues. It works at multiple levels to ensure the weight loss you achieve is lasting one. It is easy to sue and you just need to intake the pills as directed to achieve the results.

The pill helps burn fat stored in various parts of the body gradually- thus giving you toned and slimmer physique. It also helps control appetite and so you do not feel like eating when you are actually not hungry. It also thwarts fat storage in body.

What it is made of?

When you are about to try any pill or solution to lose weight, learning about the ingredients is essential. Phenq is made of naturally sourced ingredients. Each of these contributes to weight loss.

  • Capsimax powder – made with capsicum, niacin, caffeine and piperine help charge the body’s metabolism process.
  • Calcium carbonate- Calcium is good not only for teeth and bones! It is also required to maintain healthy body weight.
  • Chromium picolinate- This essential natural mineral is found mostly in wholegrains, vegetables and meat. It helps lower the blood-sugar levels in human body.
  • Caffeine- It helps reduce fatigue and acts as stimulant.
  • L-carnitine- This is one type of naturally occurring amino acid and it help burn fat.
  • Nopal- This cactus is rich in fiber and this helps you stay full for longer period.

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Buy it today

This weight loss pills comes with a 60 day long money back policy. You can order it online and by placing bulk orders, you can save money too.

Herbal Tea Recipes and Their Benefits

Herbal tea is not really made from the tea which we all know, it actually comes from a specific plant. It is better described by its French term which is tisane; this term is more accurate as herbal tea is in fact a mixture of leaves, seeds or roots, which is then infused in hot water. By drinking a well-infused herbal tea, you can gain from its benefits in an easily digestible manner. Below are some of the most famous herbal teas and their benefits. Pick the ones which suit you and feel better!

Peppermint Tea

Colin Huska, a Halifax naturopath, highly recommends drinking peppermint tea if you suffer from abdominal gas and bloating. This tea will relieve your syndromes and treat muscle spasms. It is also good for nausea; it won’t make you throw up but will instead heat up your body and make you sweat, to feel better. However, if you suffer from heartburn or indigestion, it’s better to avoid peppermint tea.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea is another digestive aid which can help to restrain nausea, vomiting or calm an upset stomach. This form of tea is easy to make and you can do it at home itself. You just need to simmer a piece of ginger root for 10 to 15 minutes in hot boiling water. While you let this tea brew, you can still get to relax by playing some top online slots at Magical Vegas Casino. Some of the games like Pixies of the Forest slots or Crystal Forest slots can soothe you with their top décors and calming background music. You can also add honey or lemon juice to it to fight a cold, as it acts as a germ-fighting combination. It is also advisable to prepare tea from powdered ginger, which has more or less, the same benefits.

Chamomile Tea

When suffering from insomnia, Chamomile tea can calm you and act as a sedative to make you feel better. It can also help with digestion after over eating or after a simple meal. You can drink this tea even when you suffer from cough or bronchitis, fever or cold, or inflammation of the mouth as it is a gentle calmer. You need to make sure that you steep it well if you’re making it, else you might miss out on some of the benefits.

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm is an easy plant to grow and it helps lift the spirits, when feeling low or down. Another of its benefits is that it helps improve concentration. This tea is also safe for kids and can help them or even adults from nightmares, if drank before heading to bed. This herbal tea can be drank cold and you can add flavour to it by using maple syrup or lemon.

Rosehip Tea

Less known to many, rosehips are actually the fruit of the rose plant and a great source of vitamin C. It can help improve your immune system and rebuild your skin or tissues. Whenever you need a health boost, Rosehip tea can be your saviour!

How Do Celebrities Keep Fit – Free Guide To Celebrity Diet

No doubt there are any numbers of bizarre diets which many dieticians claim to have perfected. Yet, when you look at celebrities with awesome bodies and high fitness levels, it appeals to you like none. There are many reasons that beckon calling celebrity fitness and celebrity fit club diet as celebrity diet secrets by their fanciers.

Well, What Does The Celebrity Diet Plan Involve?

The foremost thing in celebrity diet and fitness is sensible eating which calls for a strong resolution about your eating habits. This macrobiotic diet plan bans all dairy products meat, eggs, and coffee. Junk foods and cheese are a strict no-no. Dieticians recommend you a celebrity juice diet or celebrity diet pills in addition. Basically it consists of foods of high glycemic index (GI) which indicates how fast a food gets digested into glucose. The theory behind this is higher and faster the glucose release is quicker is insulin’s action and assimilation of glucose. This makes you hungry for food again fast.

Description of The Celebrity Diet Plan

Celebs are really fussy about what they eat. Most of them, especially women, swear by eating fresh and prepackaged foods don’t find a favor with them. In general it is less of fat and more of fresh high GI foods with little or no caffeine. Drinking of plain water assumes a lot of importance too as it helps to get whatever toxins in the blood out. Add a couple of citrus fruits to the routine to add a little extra vitamin C.

Foods That Are Prohibited And Included In The Celebrity Diet Secrets

There are certain food items that are included in the celebrity diet plan and some of them are exempted

Foods That Are Included In a Celebrity Diet Plan
  • Drinking lots of water prevents you from drinking coke or juice which instead adds calories.
  • You can increase wheat bread intake provided you watch out for its sugar content. Check for it on the packing.
  • An assorted vegetable salad augers perfectly well even with the celebrity fit club diet. If you like beans, beets, spinach, cukes, cauliflower or broccoli with raisins, nuts, peas, eggs, salami and olives, help yourself to a graceful serving. You can avoid dressing, however peanut butter is okay.
  • You can also include celebrity diet pills like Phen375 plus a celebrity juice diet to this routine.
Foods That Are Prohibited In a Celebrity Diet Plan
  • Meat is the first enemy of a fit and slim physique. Especially the red variety has lots of saturated fats which convert to cholesterol.
  • Sweets and potatoes add a lot of glucose to your body. Avoid them as long as you can not desist eating them.
  • Milk, milk products like cheese and butter are also prohibited by the celebrity diet and fitness regimen.
  • Coffee (caffeine) is one thing which must be avoided for its double edged onslaught to derail your fitness plan. In addition to caffeine, you will have avoided sugar also, if you control drinking coffee.
  • Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided.

Great Home Remedies To Fight Muscle Pain

We all suffer from muscle pain from time to time and in most situations it is really easy to solve the problem. Even in some more serious situations we just need to use some products from the pharmacy. For instance, dealing with muscle pain is one of the popular Vicks Vapor rub uses. However, in some cases the muscle pain comes at a time when we cannot go out of the home. This is where these home remedies can be considered.

Muscle Pain

Cold Packs

Pain and inflammation can be lessened when you apply cold packs on muscles that are affected. Blood vessels are going to be constricted so blood flow is reduced in the area that is affected. All you have to do is use some ice cubes. Wrap them inside a thin towel and place it on the area. Use as needed. Alternatively, use frozen vegetable bags.

Hot Water Soaks

When you initially feel the pain, hot water soaks can offer fast relaxation and a mild relief. Blood flow is increased and healing is sped up. However, this is a remedy that is only to be used during the initial 24 hours after the muscle pain appeared. Add Epsom salt to a hot water bath tub and soak up the affected part of the body for around 20 minutes.


Turmeric is a really good herb that is going to help you because it is a really strong painkiller while working as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. What you have to do is to mix a turmeric powder teaspoon in one milk cup. You want to heat it over low flame and drink the mix 2 times per day. Slowly sip and speedy internal healing becomes reality. As an alternative, you want to mix fresh turmeric (grated) and lemon juice in equal parts. Apply that to the muscle that aches and leave on for half an hour. Use warm water to rinse everything off. Two applications per day should be enough.


Ginger is going to work because it improves blood flow and circulation while acting as an anti-inflammatory natural agent. Relieving muscle pain becomes a reality because of this combination. A study done in 2010 showed that daily ginger intake (heat treated or raw) helped lower the muscle pain that appeared after a muscle injury that was exercise-induced.

Use freshly grated ginger. Take 4 tablespoons and add to a cotton bag. Add hot water and mix. Let everything cool and then add to the area that is affected for a quarter of an hour. You will want to do this several times daily for around 3 days. Alternatively, ginger tea is going to work. Just drink around 3 cups daily.


Always try the home remedies above in order to see if you can get pain relief when affected by a muscle injury. In the event the pain does not disappear or you do not feel a lot better, the best thing you can do is to go to the doctor as you may have a serious problem.

Tips To Get Clear Skin At Home

There is no woman that does not want to have flawless, perfect skin. The skin care regiment that you have and your lifestyle habits are going to be huge. Skin is normally affected by poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress, UV ray damage, alcohol drinking, excessive smoking and pollution. Also, many of the skin care products you buy online contain harsh chemicals that actually damage your skin. Natural skin care is a necessity. The good news is that many options are available, with the following being the most accessible.


Lemon is a great ingredient that can be used to clear skin. Citric acid will keep skin clear as it removes dead cells while the high vitamin C content is great as it helps reduce dark spots. Cell renewal process is increased. At the same time, lemon does have bleaching properties. This improves overall skin complexion. Just apply lemon juice (freshly squeezed) on your neck and face. Leave that for ten minutes and then wash it off. This is all you have to do to reap in the benefits of lemon for skin care.


The reason why turmeric is great for skin care is that it is a great antiseptic and also a skin lightening agent. It will help to minimize various different facial marks, including scars. It will help deal with skin disorders of an infectious, inflammatory and allergic type and skin will end up looking healthier. Combine gram flour with turmeric powder in equal amounts. Add some milk or water. Then, apply on skin and wait for the paste to dry. Lukewarm water should be used to wash everything off. Do this one time per week and you will love the results.

Aloe Vera

There is a clear reason why you see aloe vera added to so many skin care products. It just has really good benefits for your skin. It is really strong against bacteria that causes the appearance of acne and irritated skin is soothed because of the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera. Even scars will heal faster when you use aloe vera. New skin cell growth is going to be stimulated as moisture is offered if you just extract gel from a leaf and apply it on the skin. It takes 30 minutes for the gel to dry. Then, just rinse it off.

Baking Soda

This is a home remedy that few people know about. We tend to use baking soda for many other things but what you need to remember is that it is really useful in rebalancing natural skin pH levels. Baking soda is also a mild antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties. You can get rid of different problems like pimples, spots and acne while getting an exfoliation done at the same time. The skin will be cleaned from dead cells and impurities, making appearance much more attractive. All you have to do is take a spoon of baking soda. Mix it with a spoon of water (or better yet, lemon juice) and make the mixture a paste. Use this as you would any cleanser.