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Acai Berry

Amazing Health Benefits of Acai Antioxidant

Acai berry is ever so rich in antioxidants. It is mainly found in the Peru, Brazil and south and Central American countries. It has been found that Acai berry have a lot of antioxidant contents in comparison with that of blueberries. One cup of blueberries contains has almost 13,000 antioxidants, while a cup of Acai berries has more than 26,000 antioxidants contents. Now the point in question is what are Acai antioxidants?

There are oodles of vitamins and antioxidants that are found in the Acai berry. Acai berry fruits are very much rich in nutrients. These antioxidants are Vitamin C and polyphenols and flavonoids. But it is the flavonoids which the Acai berry contains in abundance. Flavonoids have been confirmed to work wonder in searching for the reactive oxygen species which annihilate tissues and cells cause aging. It has also been proved in some of t he studies that these flavonoids particularly from the Acai berry prevent the free radicals targeting the blood vessels cells to cause high blood pressure and flow constriction. Apart from them, these flavonoids from the Acai berry also lessen the process of LDL oxidation which helps one enjoy the benefits of a healthy heart. Acai berry also contains Omega9 and omega 6 which also help one maintain a requisite cholesterol ratio.

Acai antioxidants are enormously powerful and abundant. This is one of the most important reasons why the Acai berry is regarded as one of the super foods of the world. In addition to them, there is other antioxidant that is found in the Acai berry. These antioxidants are called anthocyanins. These Acai antioxidants are its coloring material and work as a power antioxidant simultaneously. These anthocyanins, like other antioxidants, look for the cells for the potentially injurious reactive oxygen species that cause eyes and skin problems, urinary tract infections and dental health disorders.

To check the curative and preserving power these Acai antioxidants, there has been the conduction of a number of studies and they confirmed that these Acai antioxidants work wonder in teams which help re-energize one another to act in a more effective manner. Cell inequality and death are the prime causes of the aging. It has been seen that these antioxidants from Acai berry go a long way in promoting good platelets that helps in wound healing and also reduce inflammation. This is all because of the fact that it minimizes the cell death and the process of aging also gets slowed down to a great extent. Another antioxidant found in Acai berry is reservatrol. This helps prevention of cell aging.

Vitamin C is also a good antioxidant which acts on collagen cells to help healthy hairs and cartilage to grow. Some Acai antioxidants boosts the sustained energy of the body and help one gets rid of fatigue. Apart from them, Acai antioxidants have a great positive effect on the body's neurological system. Last but not least, these Acai antioxidants also benefits bones as they get strikingly superior bone mineral density.

Acai Berry

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