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Why Freeze Dried Acai So Better?

It is universally acclaimed that acai berry is a kind of super food because of its nutritionally enriched property. But when it comes to Acai products or any other form of Acai commercially available in the market, the main issue that arises is its processing which plays a very important role as far as the preservation of essential nutrients are concerned. Actually the fact is that acai nutrients are highly perishable, if not treated properly at the time of processing. The main thing is heat which can destroy a berry’s nutrients, if not processed with care. Therefore, a question arises – Does freeze dried Acai contain all essential nutrients?

Actually the fact behind the Freeze Dried Acai is that it goes through an exceptional procedure which truly de-hydrates the Acai fruit. In this process, the water from the acai fruit is to be removed without damaging its nutritional elements. It is a fact that most of the fruits, especially acai are quite sensitive to high temperature. While in freeze drying process, the water of acai is removed by using -20C temperature, which is usually very low temperature.

Apart from this, freeze dried acai holds its natural color, taste and freshness. Additionally it consists of all vital enzymes, nutrients and vitamins, which contain vitamin C, carotene and anthocyanin, which are antioxidants.

In the market, freeze dried Acai comes in various forms such as juice, capsules and its supplements. Therefore, below are the detailed procedures on how Freeze Dried Acai is processed:

  1. Freezing of Acai: On a small scale, shell freezer is used to freeze the acai. But on larger scale a machine is used to freeze Acai so as to manage the space required by acai.
  2. Primary Drying of Acai: for the process of sublimation, there is the need of the right amount of heat. Here sublimation means the conversion of a solid to a gaseous form. As a result, there is bypassing of around 95% of the substances' liquid.
  3. Secondary Drying of Acai: during the initial phase of freezing, there takes place the vaporization of water. This is known as the final phase which all Freeze Dried acai berries capsules, juice and supplements involve.

Actually the freeze drying procedure of acai occurs in the dearth of oxygen and by this acai fruit is prevented from oxidizing. But, if fruit starts oxidizing, it will initiate to drop its nutritional elements. The plus point of Freeze Dried Acai is that it will reconstitute to its real form, when one puts juice or water to it. And this states that the essential nutritional components of Acai stay in Freeze dried Acai.

Apart from this, the method of freeze drying is known as the best procedure in food preservation. This is because freeze drying method retains the natural taste, potentials, nutrients, flavors, and the smell of the substance. In comparison with the other state of acai, freeze dried acai containsFreeze Dried Acai a very high ORAC value. So, whenever one wants to buy acai, one must ensures that it only comes from freeze dried source.

Acai Berry

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