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Some of the most Delicious Acai Recipes

There are lots of facts which glorify the use of Acai roots and the acai berry and prove that they really constitute "super food" which have great healing properties. This is why people are trying to find ways to include the Brazilian fruit into their food and drink. And the point of satisfaction is that now there are varieties of ways in which Acai fruit is used with other ingredients to make various Acai recipes.

Before taking acai berries in use, it is very important to preserve them at a cold place, so that their nutrients may not perish. Only then one can get better health benefits after consuming the berries or the recipes made of them.

If cares are taken properly, Acai recipes can prove a great health supplement. Here are some recipes which are very popular:

Tasty Chocolate Acai Shake

This recipe is very easy to make. It takes hardly a few minutes to blend all the ingredients to get the shake ready to enjoy. Things required for this shake are 1 cup of milk, Splash of acai juice or puree, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 2 Tbsp of low fat cottage cheese, and 1 banana. Now a blender is taken and all the ingredients are blended properly. Just in a few minutes, the shake is ready to enjoy.

Acai Juice Blend

There is nothing much to do to make acai juice blend. Any kind of homemade juice is taken and Acai juice is blended with it. One can take any juice of one’s own choice. But if it is apple, grape, guava, or cranberry juice, it can help one enjoy an excellent blend. This drink no doubt can turn the breakfast, or refreshment into a healthy energy booster.

Acai Juice Smoothie

It is a very popular Acai recipe. There are certain ingredients which are blended with acai juice to prepare a homemade smoothie. The ingredients required for this smoothie are 7oz acai Juice, 1/2 cup Soy milk or juice, fruit like banana or apple.

Acai Breakfast - Botafogo Style

Those who want a healthy breakfast rich in vitamin and antioxidant can go for Acai Breakfast - Botafogo Style. Only 3.5 Oz of Acai Roots, 1 banana and a splash of Orange Juice are taken into a blender and mixed well till the whole contents turn smooth. Now it is ready to start the day with it.

Acai with Mangos - Prainha Style

Some have great taste for mangos. They can enjoy the yummy taste of Acai with mango. For the palatable recipe, one requires to have 2 ice cream scoops of Acai Roots, 1/2 cup of soy milk or apple juice and 3 ice, and cream scoops of frozen mangos. All these are blended well till the mixture turn smooth. Now it can be served with fresh mango slices and granola. For garnishing, one can use blueberries, strawberries, and some honey.

These recipes are rich in natural source of antioxidants and other elements which can stimulate the digestive system and give wholesome benefit to the entire body.

Acai Berry

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