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Do You Know What the Amazon Acai Berry Story is?

When it comes to super foods, these are generally fruits and vegetables from outlandish sites. Such foods are referred like that because of their amazing health benefits. Among such super foods, it is the Acai Amazon berry which tops the list. This is why the Amazon Acai berry story has touched the emotional cord of many readers across the globe.

It is South America where acai is grown. It grows mainly in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. People living there are familiar with the benefits of these berries, so they use them as a part of their daily diet. It is a small purple berry rich in nutrients. Brazilian athletes are strong, flexible and highly energetic, and the credit goes to Acai berry juice. It provides a powerful and long lasting boost of energy is provided by this drink, which enhances their performance level. So these berries are a great source of essential health supplement.

The Amazon acai berry story starts with an Amazon tribe who had nothing to eat and dying of hunger. There was scarcity of food, seeing this ominous situation, the chief of the tribe declared that for the survival of the tribe, it necessary to give away the lives of all babies. He had a daughter whose name was Iaca. She was pregnant and gave birth to a baby. But as per the decree of the king, it was sacrificed. Being shocked, she could not hold herself and was wailing over the grave. In the mean time a palm tree grew over there. One day she woke up and went straight to the grave in a state mental frenzy. When she did not come back, the king went there the next day. He found her dead at the grave, lying clung around the tree with her eyes open up at a dark hanging fruit. Then in the name of her daughter, he named the palm tree Acai. The glory of this tree goes like that this tree never let the tribe starve any longer.

No doubt, the Acai tree is really amazing, because even today its fruit is considered the food offered by God, which has the power to prolong one's life. As a matter of fact, Acai berries are full of essential vitamins and minerals, and some other elements which make them a wonderful health supplement. Research has proved that regular intake of Acai juice works like nectar and keeps various diseases at bay. These Amazon berries have all over effect on the body. They keep every part of the body glowing and rejuvenated- whether it mind, skin, digestive system, immune system, circulatory system, or sex organs.

Now Acai fruit has assumes great commercial value as well. There are varieties of acai products in the market, which are categorized among super foods.

All said and done, the Amazon acai berry story is very interesting and lets us know the benign aspects of nature, which is all for the survival of mankind on earth. Acai berries are the rarest gift of nature which is healing millions of people every day.

Acai Berry

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