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The Great Brazilian Acai Berry Story Revealed Here

Among all the fruits given by nature, acai berry is considered the most nutritious fruit. This fruit has its own history which starts from the Amazon rain forests of western Brazil. These days one can often read about the Brazilian Acai story which is very interesting. This fruit is a small round blackish purple berry. Its size is about 1 - 1.5 cm in diameter. An interesting thing about it is that it grows in abundance, because one bunch of berries is around 3 to 6 kg in weight. It is so because one bunch is a cluster of about 700 - 900 berries.

According to a report, it is the Brazilian state of Pará which accounts for 95% of the national production of Acai estimated at 130 thousand tons of the fruit. Acai is not just a fruit but it represents the Brazilian culture, because it is a part of Brazilians’ everyday food habit. Even other parts of the palm tree are equally useful. The people over there can imagine their food without a berry.

If one delves into the culture and their practical life, one can easily recognize how acai rolls into their everyday life. They don’t just use Acai’s fruit but various parts of the tree such as leaves which they have been using for centuries to make baskets, roof thatch, hats, and mats. The trunk of the palm is utilized in construction. Just think of Acai seeds. They are also used wisely by the Brazilians as livestock feed or an organic soil component. They use the seeds like that by grinding them.

The reason behind the popularity of acai berry is its medicinal properties. There is a long list of the benefits of these berries. This is why these berries are eaten by the native either directly or with some other food stuff as a health supplement. Generally people like to enjoy Acai in juice form or blended with some other juice.

With the passage of time, the commercial value of acai increased and now it has occupied a very place as a good source of exotic health supplement. It is generally available in the form of drink or powder. As far as the nutritional value of Acai is concerned, it is packed with proteins, essential minerals like vitamins B, C, and E, high concentration of fibre, amino acid, antioxidants and many such things.

As a result of the nutrients, the Brazilian acai berry story has come a long way benefiting people living across the globe. It has been proved that this fruit enhances one’s longevity, because the vital elements enhance the immune system of the body. Acai juice is on great demand as it boosts energy level, improves digestive function, and improves mental clarity, concentration and focus. Acai is also known as a good detoxifier which purges the dross out of the body. And the most interesting thing about it is that it tones up sexual urge and performance.

No doubt, the Brazilian acai berry story is very impressive and tells how living close to nature one can live for hundreds.

Acai Berry

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