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All You Need to Know About Monavie Acai Berry

Several fruit juices like pear, prune, apricot, passion fruit, and banana are those which constitute Monavie Acai Berry products. There is an Acai palm tree, which is mostly found in the Amazon rainforest of Northern Brazil. The fruit this tree bears is known as Acai Berry, which is small in size and dark purple in color. This small berry is atomized with various essential nutrients. As far as its taste is concerned, it is almost like chocolate.

Acai is considered as a gift to the Brazilians, because it is eaten by them as a part of their regular diet. For them, this fruit is just like a health tonic, because it has been found to be rich in unique healing properties and high nutritional content. The kinds of antioxidants these berries have are rarely found in other fruits. These antioxidants are highly effective on the human body. This is why these berries are considered as the most wholesome and powerful foods in the world.

It is indispensable to process the fruit into squashed form which is desiccated and freeze dried into Monavie for the reason that acai berries are extremely perishable. As for preservation method, Acai can be best preserved as freeze dried powder. It is the powder form which is used in Monavie capsules and juices. Monavie juice is rich in benefits of the acai berry. This fruit juice also contains puree and preservatives. Monavie Acai Berry products are becoming more and more popular amongst all age group users, because they have a pleasant taste and help develop a strong immune system, enhancing resistance power to fight diseases. And the encouraging thing about it is that the manufacturers of Monavie Acai Berry products are receiving very good response from the consumers.

If one is looking for a rich source of protein, amino acids, anthocyanins and omega fats, nothing can be better choice than Monavie Acai Berry health product. And as a matter of fact, these products are on increasing demand. What makes Acai a super food is vitamins, protein, and minerals. Essential vitamins like B1, B2, B3, vitamin C, E, iron potassium, phosphorous and calcium make it a power packed health food.

Monavie Acai Berry products are commercially available particularly in the Western world. But people have online facility through which they can get them easily. But the thing is that people need to be a bit careful about fake products which in the name of Acai are selling in the market. They must read the label carefully to check if it is authentic and approved by FDA. These Monavie Acai Berry products are generally available in the form of capsule and selling in the market as acai berry Boom and Acai Gold. Actually these capsules are 100% pure.

Monavie Acai Berry product is also available in the form of acai juice which has its own saga of glory. The best juice is that which is imported directly from Brazil. This juice is said to have heavenly potential which can breathe life even into the dead. So, Monavie Acai Berry products should be the part of daily food from today only.

Acai Berry

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