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Things to Keep In Mind Before You Buy Acai Berry Products

The amazing nutritional value of acai has made it so popular that the related products are doing a very good market all over the world. Those people who are familiar with Acai benefits are always in look out for the berry products which are mostly available in the form of drink or powder. But the problem is that Acai berries are extremely perishable, so getting the actual berries becomes a great problem for the desirous people.

Now the question is where to buy acai berry products. Actually buyers should not bother about it; they can buy wherever they like. But they need to keep a few things in mind before buying it, because the processing of the berry involves certain things which may decide the quality of the product. Actually the processing of the Acai products requires meeting certain standards which are as follows:

Validation of True Organic Ingredients: Actually the demand of acai products is so high that some manufactures use non-organic stuff to cheat the people in the name of acai. Therefore, before they buy acai products, they need to be confirmed if the products contain Certified Organic antioxidant. Otherwise, the users are likely to take in pesticides, toxic elements and other chemicals which may damage their health.

Processing Within 24 Hours: It has been discovered that Acai Berries are highly perishable. That is to say they start losing their active ingredients if not processed within 24 hours. But it is very difficult for buyers to know about it before the buy acai.

Inclusion of Other Ingredients: Particularly those acai products which have been processed in China may include some other ingredients as well. The manufactures generally use unregulated soy, fillers and other chemicals in the extraction process. So buy Acai, but be careful.

Preservation of Acai Nutrients: It is very necessary to preserve the berry’s nutrients properly. Some manufactures use spraying method which is not good, as it destroys the present active ingredients. Freezing process is the best way to drying the berries and preserving the contained nutrients. This is also a very important factor to know before one buys acai.

Proper Pasteurization of Acai Berry: The buyers should see if the product is FDA approved or not. This can assure them of the fact that the berries have not been overheated during the pasteurization process.

No Artificial sweeteners: Before buying an acai product, one must see if it contains any added sugar or artificial sweetener. As a matter of fact, sugar has very detrimental effect on the immune systems of the body. so buyers must see the label carefully..

No Chemical Preservatives: It is known to everybody that human body is made of natural constituents, so nutritional products which include chemical preservative are highly injurious to health. Therefore, if someone wants to buy acai products, he must see if the ingredients mentioned on the label are approved by FDA.

ORAC Lab Testing : Buyers must check out ORAC (antioxidant) levels which are based upon tests done on their actual Acai product.

People can buy acai products, if they meet all these standards. Only then they can get something worth their money.

Acai Berry

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