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Acupuncture Clinics For A New Age

Acupuncture is seeing budding growth right now. This is its second growth spurt since it was first introduced in the US in th early 20th century. Back in its earlier days it was mostly being seen in “China towns” and some upscale treatment centers that followed a “New Age” style of philosophy. That might have continued the same way but in 1972 President Richard M. Nixon made the break through move of visiting a communist country, China. America was mesmerized as they got a bold new look at the land that had been shrouded in mystery. While there, the President watched part of an open heart surgery preformed with no anesthetics, only acupuncture and the patient was fully awake. The American public was wowed. Then, on that same trip, a writer from the press corps became ill and needed an emergency appendectomy. He opted to do it under acupuncture and later wrote about it. That was the beginning of the waxing and waning popularity of acupuncture. An herb in use for only 3000 years in China is like modern drug in the US that just came out last week.

How acupuncture works

There are a vast number of reason to visit an acupuncture clinic. They can treat you an any number of ways. This goes back to the thinking of acupuncture. It is a rather holistic system. It sees a direct connection between mind, body, and spirit. They see ailments of the body and mind as the result of a loss of balance of Qi (che). They find that there are 12 meridians that are the flow of energy. If something disrupts this flow then there are negative consequence. The balance must be restore and acupuncture is one way to do that. Many clinic will also use acupressure, which is similar.

Advantages of a clinic

Because of this paradigm the number of this that can be treated would involve several disciplines in modern medicine. This is a good example. You can be treated in the clinic for infertility (OBGYN), sinus headaches (an allergist), depression (psychiatrist), and migraines (neurologist). You are going to spend a lot of time having your parking validated or you can go to the acupressure clinic where they can treat any of those.

Another advantage of the acupuncture clinic is that in general, they embrace Chinese medicine as a whole. Not only can they fix the problem in the short term but also offer advice on how to keep the issues from reoccurring. These recommendations are homeopathic in nature so there are so drug related side effects to worry about or costly medicines. To make it even better, acupuncture is totally safe and it is even more so when done in a professional setting like a clinic.

If you have headaches, regular, sinus, or migraine, or fibromyailga it is time for an appointment. The same is true if you suffer from lower back pain, arthritis, or even carpel tunnel syndrome. Feeling depressed or want to stop smoking? The clinic can help you too. Acupuncture is the cheapest, most natural fertility treatment available. The list goes on and on so contact your local clinic to see if your condition is one they can help.

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