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Increasing Fertility With Acupuncture

So, you are thinking about having a baby. If you are then anyone that knows will tell you a horror story about the problems someone they knew had getting pregnant or how much money they spent trying to get pregnant. The two of you are probably a little worried about the process and wondering if you are going to become one of THOSE couples. It is understandable because it does happen but you have two ways of going about things. You can be reactive to the problem once it occurs or you can be proactive and stop the problem before it happens and acupuncture can do just that.

To really understand how this can happen you need to understand acupuncture a little. One of the oldest medicinal arts at over 5000 years old, it works by keeping the body in balance. The more balanced the body is the better it functions. To do this it follows 12 meridians through the body. Along each of those are points (hundreds of them) that can affect the flow of energy. These are the points you see the needles stuck into. When your energy flow, your Qi, is not flowing properly you become ill. When you become balanced, you get well. Now this is how you can improve your fertility when you are ready to become pregnant.

Why it works

To use an analogy, think of a car that runs fine. As a person you are not sick so th analogy works. Now, take that car a give it a great tune up. It will run better, get better gas mileage and so on. Think of your body the same way. It is running fine but the acupuncture will just serve to balance the Qi even better and let the body run better. Believe it or not, that will help regulate your egg production so that your body will release one egg per cycle. If you do not get pregnant the drugs the doctor will give you can cause multiple eggs to be released. Remember “Octo-Mom”? Those were caused by fertility drugs.

There is also the issue of the inseminated egg attaching to the uterus, It aids there as well. In fact, it does some specialist prefer to do the procedure of in-vetro-insemination only with women doing acupuncture.

In the end, starting treatment can help you insure your fertility and is over all good for your health. If you want a child take a step and be proactive. You will lessen your stress and everybody can use that.

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