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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Although acupuncture has been in use for many centuries, it is only in recent times that it has been specifically used for cosmetic reasons. It involves the insertion of small needles into the skin at particular, mapped out points, with the intention of improving or unblocking nervous impulses which affect the body’s chemical and hormonal processes in specific ways. There are also acupuncture related techniques such as electo acupuncture, which adds electrical stimulus to pairs of needles at different strengths and frequencies and other treatments that do not require needles such as acupressure and transdermal electrical stimulation (TENS).

Valid, cost-effective alternative to surgery

Cosmetic surgery is costly, has potential complications and it is not universally regarded as effective or convincing enough to be worth undertaking. Acupuncture techniques may be a valid alternative, and studies have shown that it is effective in around 90 percent of patients tested.

How it works

The basic principle is that acupuncture points are stimulated, mostly on the face or targeted area itself but also in other areas of the body which are connected. The resulting improvement in skin condition, especially elasticity is well documented. Less well understood, but still clinically proven are the indirect effects caused by the general increase in wellbeing promoted by the acupuncture and its effects on the overall skin appearance.

No side effects

The other cosmetic treatments available often have significant side effects, in particular because many of them are new and not completely tested methods. Acupuncture on the other hand has very few negative effects, and unless there are certain significant other medical conditions, there are usually absolutely no side effects from the treatment. There is a misconception that acupuncture is uncomfortable or painful, but this is simply not true if it is carried out by a trained therapist.

Instant results

Another huge advantage of acupuncture for cosmetic reasons is that the majority of patients notice significant results after the first treatment. It is necessary to follow a course of regular treatments over a period of months to gain the full benefits of the process, but the ability to see positive results right from the beginning of therapy and the relatively low cost make acupuncture an excellent option even for died in the wool sceptics.

Although acupuncture will never produce the dramatic changes associated with surgical procedures, it does significantly improve acne, fine lines and wrinkles, drooping eyelids and bags under eyes. Skin tone and general appearance is almost universally better, and pores are tightened and improved in appearance.

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