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Modern Medicine Still Can Not Beat Acupuncture Infertility Treatments

Somethings seem to deify nature, like humming birds. They should not be able to fly but they do. Cold water will come to a boil faster that hot water. That doesn't make any sense but it does. Being stuck with needles shouldn't make you have babies. Well, in that case it doesn't but it can certainly help. It makes sense, if you think about it, that the oldest art of medicine would have a way of helping infertile couples. Acupuncture is an art practiced for over 5000 years. Infertility did not just become a problem in the past few years. It has existed since there have been people so it only makes sense that the issue had been addressed. They must have had some success given the number of Chinese people there are. Let us explore why it works and some of its limitations. There are two ways it works.

Egg production

One the causes of infertility is that a womans body is not producing an egg. Acupuncture can help but lets first learn why. In acupuncture, the body's energy flows through 12 meridian to balance th che (really spelled Qi). If there is an interruption that occurs in the flow we become ill. In order to restore the balance acupuncture is used. Needles are inserted at certain points along a meridian that is out of balance. There are hundreds of these points across the human body. Once the balance has been restored the illness will fade away. To treat infertility the Qi is brought into a tighter balance. This allows the body to work most efficiently. This stimulates the egg production and the body will produce one egg per cycle like it should. In drug therapy, the body is over stimulated and produce multiple eggs. This is why women can have sextuplets (6 viable fetuses at once). This does not happen with acupuncture.

Egg attachment

Egg production might not be the problem at all. It might be that the fertilized eggs can not attach to the uterus. Once again acupuncture can help here to. Studies have found that after an acupuncture treatment that eggs are 50% more likely to attach. Because of this, many fertility specialist insist on using IVF (in-vetro-fertilization) with acupuncture to increase the odds of success. Given the cost of IVF this can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Sometimes modern medicine can take a hand from the ancient arts to get the results they have been trying for. If you are having fertility issues, acupuncture is something you should look into.

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