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Acupuncture Jobs

The widespread acceptance of acupuncture as both an alternative and modern medical treatment means that a wide variety of acupuncture jobs are now available. Most of these jobs will require some medical training and at least some knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jobs in Medical Acupuncture

The best paying and most prestigious acupuncture jobs will be in medical acupuncture. Medical acupuncture involves the use of acupuncture in additional to modern medical treatments such as surgery and drugs.

Many hospitals and medical clinics now employ acupuncturists or other medical professionals who are trained in acupuncture. The best way to get acupuncture jobs in medical facilities is to have both acupuncture knowledge and training and formal medical training.

A person who already has certification as a registered nurse, physical therapist or physician’s assistant would stand a much chance of getting one of these jobs. An individual with medical training could enhance their career prospects and earning potential with acupuncture training.

Persons with a background in medicine who want to move into acupuncture jobs would be well advised to keep their medical certification. The medical community is more and more open to alternative treatments such as acupuncture but it will still demand medical training and certification.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Medicine

The demand for people with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other forms of alternative medicine is also growing. In the coming years this will create more acupuncture jobs and opportunities.

The number of people of Chinese background in the United States and other countries is increasing. Many of these people will turn to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This will create many acupuncture jobs within the Chinese community.

At the same time interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Medicine among others is also growing. This provides many opportunities for acupuncture jobs in alternative medicine.

Some of the most exciting opportunities will be in private practice. Many people will be interested in acupuncture because of the opportunities that it affords for self employment.

In many parts of the country individuals will be able to set up acupuncture practices without special licensure. Alternative medicine such as acupuncture is not covered by many of the laws covered medical practice.

Acupuncture Therapy Opportunities

Some of the most exciting acupuncture jobs will involve new technology such as laser and sonic acupuncture devices. These devices enable a person to administer acupuncture without needles. Some of these computerized devices even pin point acupuncture pressure points without special knowledge of acupuncture meridians.

Some other acupuncture jobs involve acupressure which is a form of physical therapy that applies massage rather than acupuncture needles to pressure points. Individuals who have knowledge of massage or physical therapy could be able to find jobs in acupressure.

One advantage to acupressure is that jobs in it may not require a special license or medical training or knowledge. Another advantage is that many medical facilities such as hospitals are now offering acupressure as a treatment for certain conditions. These jobs could be higher paying than other acupressure jobs.

The future is certainly bright for those with knowledge or training in acupuncture. Many exciting acupuncture jobs will available in the future.

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