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Electronic Acupuncture

Electronic acupuncture or EA is carried out by some practitioners as a supplement to traditional acupuncture therapy. The same specific points on the body are stimulated by the insertion of needles just under the skin. The difference is that needles are inserted in pairs, and by the use of electrical contact clips a signal of varying strength and frequency can be applied across the two needles, increasing the potential effects of the acupuncture. Often several pairs can be activated at once in different areas of the body, with some of the more advanced equipments allowing for up to ten pairs of needles at one time, indoor to make the overall treatment duration less.

Why choose EA over traditional acupuncture

EA is particularly considered beneficial in cases of chronic and severe pain, or to view it in a more traditional way, in cases where the flow of chi energy has been blocked, causing a significant build up. In certain patients who have found traditional acupuncture ineffective, electro-acupuncture is often used with more chance of obtaining the desired results.

Scientific studies

Recent scientific research has concluded that electronic acupuncture is particularly beneficial to chemotherapy patients who are experiencing severe vomiting and nausea after chemotherapy treatments. Some studies have been carried out showing excellent results to reduce the effects of seasickness and travel sickness, however a practical device has not yet been produced to use this technique effectively during travel.

Although there are many opponents of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture has proved on many occasions to be beneficial for a large variety of conditions. Electro-acupuncture therapy is beginning to be considered an additional tool of the acupuncturist, and studies showing scientific evidence for its effectiveness are being carried out in increasing numbers. The related scientific medical process of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is often used to treat pain and stimulate muscle regrowth, and although this is a non-invasive technique using no needles, the principles are fairly similar.

Professional practitioners

Electronic acupuncture should be carried out by a trained professional, with properly calibrated and certified equipment. There are many organisations offering this training and certification, and it is important to verify the qualifications of anyone from whom you will receive this treatment. Correctly carried out, it can have greater benefits than standard acupuncture alone, and should be considered an option in cases where acupuncture or acupressure have had a limited effect on the symptoms being treated. EA is not uncomfortable or painful, and there are no side effects so long as the therapy is properly conducted.

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