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Considering Acupuncture For Pain?

There are some things that don't sound like they would work together. Some even sound down right counter-intuitive. Acupuncture pain management would be one of those things. You might wonder how being stuck with needles will help your pain unless being stuck with needles hurts so bad you temporarily forget you have a headache. The truth is that it is not like that at all. By and large the needles don't really hurt at all as long as it is done by a qualified person with perfect needles (professional take great care in keeping only perfect needles.) This is not a new idea that has been over-hyped to make a few people a lot of money fast. It is actually one of the oldest practices in medicine and been studied and improved upon for 5 millennium (5000 years.)

The basics

The simple theory behind acupuncture is that pain is the result of a blocked flow of energy through one of the twelve meridians that pass through the body. That blocked flow makes the Qi (or chi) go out of balance. This mean if the proper flow can be restored the chi will move back into balance and the pain will subside. The acupuncture needles are what stimulates the flow by stimulating one of the hundreds of pressure point that exist along the meridians.

The importance

Pain management is one of acupuncture's greats gifts to medicine. This is not just because that it is effective (and studies have been done that back that up) but also because it does it without drugs. The fact that it does not use drugs and in fact eliminates their need is very important. The abuse of prescription drugs is rampant in this country and this is an excellent way to fight that. Any strong pain killer brings with it the danger of abuse and/or dependency. This is the case even when they are prescribed. Any narcotic, if used regularly for an extended period of time will result in addiction.

There are a wide variety of pain issues that acupuncture is used to treat. The most commonly known one is headaches. Not just the regular headaches, acupuncture can also be used on migraine and sinus headaches as well. The second most common use of the method is lower back pain. Lower back pain, left untreated, is debilitating, leaving you struggling to find a position that does not hurt. Fibromyalia, arthritis and other pains also respond well to it.

The most comforting thing about acupuncture is its safety. Not only is there no risk of addition and even its harshest critics will admit that it is safe. With that in mind, with any plain of pain management acupuncture should be considered.

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