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Healthy Kids Meals At Restaurants

Kids can be very easy to persuade if done in the right way. Give them sugary goods with trans-fats and they are your friends for life. But it is often hard to turn down your child when he wants to eat something and you know it’s not healthy, especially when he has gained quite a weight. Now there are lot of meals he can enjoy and you learn to substitute rather than replace. Foods that you are likely to get stuck with are:

  • Italian - Pizzas can be your child’s favourite. You can keep it healthy by ordering the Veggie lovers pizza. Often kids are turned off by the name of vegetables, not to worry you can still ask for less pepperoni, sausage and meatballs. You can also ask him to try something new and offer the spaghetti and shrimp as a means of low fat and high protein diet.
  • Mexican - Now these can be serious fat builders. Try the bean burrito and other vegetable diets. Fish tacos, shrimp fajitas and special chicken dishes can also be a good substitute. If you cannot persuade your child, then ask the waiter if the cook can use a little less cheese.
  • Chinese -This is one of the cuisines you don’t need to worry about. Their utensils enable them to cook in less amount of oil and they love involving various vegetables in their dishes making them delicious and healthy. You can open up the menu to your child and he can choose freely.
  • Fast foods - Yes, here we go. This is one of the greatest worries of today's parents. You child can easily become a big fan of the hamburger and fries, together with the slurp and other soft drinks rich in calories. One burger combo meal can get in 400 calories and 20g of fat into your child. Not very healthy, is it? Stay aware and try to reduce the amount of fries and drinks, since this will be your only defence.
  • Desserts - To wrap it all up you can get him a small ice cream or so. Try to keep your child away from syrup dishes and cream filled cakes. Keep it simple with a yoghurt, fruit dishes or baked cakes and pies.

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