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Healthy Meals At Mcdonald's

In today's world staying healthy is one of the biggest challenges that normal people face. Gaining weight can be so easy that you might not even notice it. People today are so busy that they cannot help eating the calorie-rich fast foods. Everyone does not have the time to cook the healthy diet that you need every day, but there are ways to rip benefits from the fast foods you eat as well!

What to have for breakfast?

McDonald's has an array of meals to offer for your breakfast, but it is you who needs to choose wisely. The 'egg muffin' and the ‘fruit and maple oatmeal’ are some of the high calorie (almost 300) food items. The former has 12g of fat and the latter having 4.5g. The Sausage and hotcakes without syrup are some of the best meals for the early morning low fat diet. You can wrap it up with a cool juice which will add vitamin C and potassium to your diet.

Lunch being the main

This is the time of the day when you tend to be too hungry, but stay sharp, don’t give into high fat foods. Try to finish it up within a plain hamburger and coleslaw. This meal has a total calorie count of about 300 with 9g of fat. Stay away from grilled food item as they will add up 280 calories alone and a regular burger meal will fill up with a staggering 400 calories and 20g of fat, the French fries doing most of the damage.

Dinner time!

McDonald’s is also quite crowded at this time of the day, but don’t get carried away. The menu suggested remains same as that of lunch but you can also order a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a burger. The sandwich has 1.1g of sodium and the calorie and fat rating is quite low. You can order fries but keep it small. Try to drink milk instead of the sugary soda since it will fulfil your calcium requirement.

When on the run

When you are out for snacks just follow small procedures like ordering the small fries instead of the big one. The small fires contain 230 calories and 11g of fat, compared to the larger ones which have 500 calories and 25g of fat! Keep the drinks in small amounts too and you should be fine.

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