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Healthy Meals For A Picky Husband

You are the best example for your children and hence they are more likely to eat what you will eat. If they find you ordering healthy food, then they will be eager to try it out too. You could convince yourself to take a switch as well and try out something new. Here are the top 5 ways to convince your husband that the substitute is both yummy and healthy.

  1. Reduce the size: instead of allowing him to gulp up 4-5 pieces of large pizza, give him and entire small pizza. That way, it will seem as if he is actually eating a lot but in reality he will only be consuming one third the calorie. Instead of putting extra meat balls and cheese as topping, give him substitutes like capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms and English muffins. If you are feeling lucky you can even convince him to try the veggie lover’s.
  2. Saucy dishes: these are ideal for trimming away harmful fats and still maintain the taste. The pasta and noodles are the best way to do this. Blend in green peppers, onion and tomatoes and use it as the topping. This gives out a unique flavour, especially the peppers which subdue the smell of onions, and tastes quite well.
  3. Swapping up the meals: if you are going out for a dinner or ordering a takeout, do it during the day. Try giving him breakfast meals for dinner. Interesting dishes like omelette together with chopped up vegetables like tomatoes, onions and a little bit of cheese can do the trick. Pancake and syrup never fails you too.
  4. The greener way: in weekdays when you are basically very idle and will not be doing anything it is always a good idea to consume a healthy diet so that there is not fat build up. Mix up a good salad for lunch and use chopped up sausages and mushrooms to add a different flavour. You can look online for balanced addition of spices to your salad. Tomato salsa, sour cream and thin steaks are usually the best addition.
  5. Looks like a burger: everyone likes a grilled burger on a fine sunny day. Well it is not very healthy but you can change all that by adding ground black beans or replacing the high fat beef with chicken. Barbecue sauce still helps maintain the taste and you can remove ham and mutton in the process.

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