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Health Tip

Clean Fruit Juice: The Health Benefits

Clean fruit juice extracted from fresh fruit is very valuable for your health. Fruits contain simple sugars in plenty which add a lot of essential nutrients to your system thus boosting your immunity against diseases and improving general body health. Popular fruit drinks such as apples and blueberry drinks are very rich in fruit carbs (fructose).

Fruit juice consumption in USA has doubled in the past 4 decades

A 2008 USA research indicates that fruit juice consumption along with the powerful marketing of juice has risen tremendously in the past 4decades. It’s very popular especially in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes". This research was financed by the Nationwide Cancer malignancy Institution and the Nationwide Institution of Diabetes and Intestinal and Renal Illnesses. Vegetables and fruits form a highly nutritional well balanced diet. They should be permanent features in our diet.

The foods market today is flooded with numerous brands of fruit juices. It’s dangerous for a consumer to assume all available fruit drinks to be nutritional and thus great for the body. Some companies produce highly stuffed and diluted juices that may contain harmful chemicals that pose great risk to your health. Caution should therefore be taken while selecting the right juices to drink. It’s wise to first carry out a good research on the internet or in nutrition magazines on the best nutritious juices in the market today that one can partake.

Wise Tips While Consuming Fruit Juices

  1. Try to keep it 2-3 glasses per day. You can also "thin" the juice with drinking water.
  2. Make your own juice. You can create juices from most fruits and veggies. If you use veggies or fruits with less fruit carbs, you can be able to consume more.
  3. Don't create your juice way before you are ready to partake it. Any fruit juice past 15 minutes will start dropping nutrient levels.
  4. If you prefer to buy and not create your juice, the best locations are juice cafes where you can check out your freshly-squeezed juice being created. You can take it while very fresh.
  5. “Chew" your juice (circular swirl in your mouth) and take your time consuming it. That way you prevent the fruit carbs from being absorbed into the system vessels too quickly
  6. Vary between fruit shakes and juice. The materials from the whole fruit will help to reduce the fast absorption of carbs into the system vessels.
  7. Add some Cinnamon to your juice. Cinnamon decreases the glucose amounts and increases the normal generation of insulin shots into the system.
  8. Strive to use whole grain food substances and avoid taking too much fats and processed foods. Natural substances are best in maintaining good health.

Raw juice treatment

Raw juice treatment is also a form of condition treatment which involves taking on a dieting plan composed of fruit and veggie drinks only. It is also known as juice going on a fast. It gives your tissues and cells time to reconstruct and strengthen.

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