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Vegetable Or Fruit Juice Diet for Weight Loss?

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are a healthy option in our diets, though sometimes we may not know which one is better for our situation, fruit or vegetable juice? Both have healthy aspects and in order to understand which is better we need to look at both and discover why juices are so good for weight loss.

Fruit Juice Diet

Fruit juices can be beneficial at cleaning the colon, though you need to make sure you are choosing the right fruit. Citrus fruits are among the best known for their health giving properties and their ability to aid weight loss.

Fruits are very high in fiber and this works to regulate your colon and helps our digestive systems to process food in a more efficient manner. This results in our bodies being able to lose weight more quickly as well.

The problem with fruit juices is that most of them will have been store bought or squeezed at home and had their pulp removed. The fiber is found mainly in the fruit itself rather than its juice and so simply drinking the juice will not provide you with the fiber content of the fruit. For this reason, blended fruits are the best option; you can have a lovely smoothie with the fiber and the juice all together.

Vegetable Juice Diet

Vegetables are a great source of nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. By adding certain essential oils to the juices, such as flaxseed oil or fish oil, the juice can become more enhanced and better able to absorb the nutrients, vitamins and minerals into our systems.

Vegetable juices are also very good at detoxifying the body and can help to clear the waste materials and toxins from our systems. This helps to also get rid of solid waste matter and aid in the weight loss reduction.

Another bonus for weight loss is that vegetable juices can take a while for our bodies to process, all the while they are burning calories while processing the nutrients and this, again, is aiding weight loss.

Mix it Up to Help Aid Weight Loss with Juicing

It is important not to get bored and keep the taste buds happy by mixing it up and changing the types of fruit and vegetable you use for juicing. There are so many different types of fruit and vegetables that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to creating different combinations and flavours. By changing the varieties like this you will find that the diet is more enjoyable and you don’t have as many cravings for different types of flavours.

So, when you are wondering is the fruit juice or vegetable juice diet is better, it is really up to you. Both are beneficial to our health and can aid in weight loss. The best diet is a combination of the two which allows you m0re choice and freedom. This allows you to feel great, lose weight and see great benefits to your overall health and wellbeing.

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