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Health Tip

Is Prune Juice Bad For Baby?

There are many mothers who may need to introduce solid food to their babies earlier than what is recommended. This means that the digestive system of the baby will not be properly developed to be able to digest food particles that may be given to the child. The most common problem that these babies will face includes constipation and other related digestive problems that may lead to discomfort of the baby. In such a case you should consider prune juice that is very effective in helping digestion of babies who may have this type of condition. Although the amount of this juice to be given to the baby should be prescribed by a nutritionist the amount of juicer may vary from one baby to another and with the baby. Before using this juice on your baby, you should ensure that the problem that your baby is suffering from constipation.

Some of the signs that you may need to see so that you know that your baby is having constipation include hard stool that usually comes after few day without any stool in between. Another common sign include difficult in bowel movement and when you are able to see these sings then you should know that your baby is suffering from constipation. The reason for this problem includes feeding the child in food that doesn’t have fiber as well as lack of fluid in the diet of the baby. This is when you should consider the use of prune juice as an alternative means to your baby problem and this juice can help your baby avoid such disorders after feeding on solid meal. There are other reasons why you should consider giving your child prune juice as explained below.

3 reasons why you should give your baby prune juice

  • Prevention of constipation - babies who their digestive systems may not have developed very well may require that you gave them prune juice that is very essential in helping movement of bowels in the stomach and increase the digestion of food to small particles. This minimizes the chances of the baby developing constipation in babies and therefore making the baby to be comfortable after feeding.
  • Prevention of gastroparesis - when the digest of food is delayed in the stomach there is a higher chance that the baby will experience this condition that is a condition where the muscles in the gut do not act on time causing the food to move very slowly in the gut. When you suspect that your baby has this condition you should look for a pediatrician who can advice you on the move that you should make and the quantity of the juice that you should give your baby. Some of the most common signs of this disorder include loss of appetite as well as discomfort of the baby especially in the abdomen.
  • High amount of mineral salts - when a baby is given this juice the baby will be able to get mineral salts that are very important in the body functioning and growth of the body. The juice has a high amount of vitamins that helps in fighting against diseases.

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