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Health Tip

Juice Treatment

The advantages of juice-treatment for some common illnesses are numerous e.g. expelling harmful elements from our body, cleansing our body, preventing body damage and obtaining ingredients necessary for the reformation and renewal of cells.

Juice treatment cannot be considered as a sole cure to illnesses but it has been recognized as an immunity booster and so when used along other treatment forms, patients achieve greater results and recover faster.

It is necessary to check with your physician before mixing any other form of treatment with juice treatment. Once confirmed, Juice-treatment should be carefully planned and finally implemented with reliability, persistence and enthusiasm.

Juice Treatment in Various Conditions

  • Acidity: Take an assortment of cabbage and carrot drinks. In addition to it, one can take drinks of cucumber, spud, apples, mosambi and melon. Users should take caution and avoid chillies, melted meals and candies.
  • Acne: Take an assortment of carrot and spinach-juices. Take an assortment of drinks of spud, beet-root, cucumber and fruit. Watermelon and papaya-juice may also be taken. Massage pawpaw or potato-juice on the infected areas. Vapour-bath is additionally very valuable. Do not allow greasiness to remain on the infected areas. Prevent this using makeup.
  • Anaemia: Combined drinks of green veggies, juice of alfalfa and drinks of beet-root, cabbages, bitter-gourd, apricot and fruit are useful in this condition.
  • Aphthae: First of all stomach disorders, if any, should be treated. Bowel problems should also be treated. Juices of pot-herb (spinach) and cabbages can then be taken.
  • Asthma: Take mixed drinks of carrot, beet-root and cabbages. Take an assortment of drinks of green veggies or those of spud and apples. Besides, coffees and pawpaw drinks can also be taken.
  • Bronchitis: Take cinnamon, baby and lemon-juice in the day or take coffees and red onion drinks. Besides, take drinks of radish, cabbages, beet-root, cucumber and carrot. Avoid using tobacco during this period.
  • Cancer: Views differ as to which juice gives the maximum advantages in cancer malignancy. Normally these drinks range from valuable drinks of carrot, beet-root, apples and cinnamon to the likes of pawpaw, tomato and wheatgrass. One should try to maintain the health of the liver during this period. Magnetic therapy might prove useful.
  • Cardiac troubles: Take baby juice, fruit water and pawpaw drinks; pomegranate seed extract, blueberry and coffees.
  • Cholera: A drink of beelee fruit juice together with drinks of coffee and red onion should be taken to treat cholera. Coconut juice is also highly recommended.
  • Cold: Juices of cinnamon, fruits, carrots and radish can be taken. Coffee and Water fumes are also useful.
  • Colitis: Take an assortment of carrot and spinach-juices. Juices from cucumbers, apples, beet-root, pawpaw, beelee and grapefruits are also valuable.
  • Constipation: Raw whole fruits and veggies are as valuable as their drinks in treating constipation. Proper exercises should also be done. One should form regular routines of evacuating the bowels. One should take an assortment of drinks from oatmeal and carrot or an assortment of drinks of spud, cucumber and apples. One can also take drinks of fig, beelee (eagle marmaloss), guava and fruit.

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