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How Much Juice Should You Take?

Most experts seem to agree that there is no harm in drinking large quantities of fruit juice and there are no negative side effects from high amounts of intake. Respected scientist and dietician, Dr. Henry Sherman thinks that by drinking regular amounts of fruit and vegetable juices you can benefit your health and have a quicker recovery from illness and disease. People who are partaking in the juice-diet should aim to drink at least 2-3 litres of juice each day in order for health to be improved.

If you are drinking ginger, onion, coriander, basil or green turmeric juice then these should be limited to no more than 20-25 ml a day and should ideally be diluted with water. If a person is on a pure juice diet as a remedy for certain diseases it is recommended to take in at least 5-6 litres of juice varieties each day. As health shows improvement then other fruits and solid foods can be incorporated to the diet slowly.

How Long Can a Juice Diet Last?

Many people wonder "how long I can sustain a diet of pure juices?" The answer is that you can indefinitely live on this diet and remain healthy. You can obtain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes that you need from juices, except you are unable to find any fat in them. You are also unable to sustain your protein requirement from juices throughout your life time. It is not in our nature to eat only one type of thing and you can often find it wearing and a bit boring after a while.

For these reasons, we have laid out some clear guidelines to help you determine how long you should be on a juice diet for:

  • You need to be on a prolonged juice diet to help disease and chronic illness recovery.
  • Raw foods should be gradually introduced and the juice decreased after the disease is fully cured.
  • You can eat cooked food once or twice a week in order to satisfy any cravings that may occur.
  • In order to sustain this diet for longer periods of time then it is best to combine the juice diet with raw foods. This is more realistic as it satisfies the taste and nutritional needs at the same time.
  • Doing the juice diet for only 2 weeks once or twice a year can help to cleanse our systems and help cure minor illnesses and diseases.

People who are on a juice fast are living purely on fruit juices and this is not sustainable as a lifelong cure. After a time this diet will weaken the digestive system and the muscles and teeth. Even though it is not a long term solution, once you are cured of the disease you should still try to continue the diet for a short time in order to make sure you don’t go back to being careless with your health.

The juice diet helps to revitalize and refresh our health and bodily systems. As a regular part of our diets it will help to keep us strong, healthy and improve overall wellbeing.

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