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What Is Juice Fasting And How Does It Work?

Juice fasting is a great way in which we are able to rid of harmful toxins in the body and improve the removal of our body’s waste. As well as being a great aid to waste removal, juice fasting helps to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Juicing is a much better diet than a crash diet, as you are taking in all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay strong. Most of the crash diets we see involve starving the body of essential nutrition or using diet pills which are unhealthy for the body. The effects of diet pills are generally temporary as they are not able to be sustained by the body.

Juice Fasting – The Process

The idea of juice fasting is to eliminate all the solid waste matter from our body. This will of course result in some immediate weight loss; however this is simply a tool to prepare our bodies for regular healthy eating habits. It is only the first step in an on-going process.

People who go on a juicing diet for too long can run the risk of actually slowing down their metabolisms and this will actually make you gain weight rather than lose it. A long term liquid diet will generally result in dizziness and potentially fainting spells as well, this is why it is advised to not go on a juicing diet for any longer than 3 days at a time. You should include juices into your normal regular diet and routine to keep taking the advantages and health benefits from the diet.

Immune System

Our immune systems work to protect our body’s defences and this help to keep us disease free and fight off any germs and bacteria that can attack us. Having a healthy immune system is vitally important in making sure that we stay healthy and strong in the modern world, a weak immune system allows us to more susceptible to disease and illness.

Juicing helps to boost our immune system and improves the functionality of the process. As well as helping us to lose weight, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are great at providing us with energy and a general feeling of wellbeing. When our immune systems are healthy, our bodies are better able to fight illness and heal any problems we encounter. Minor injuries, cuts and scrapes will all heal up much quicker when our immune systems are strong.


One of the benefits of the increased energy levels that you receive from juicing is that it gives you the desire to do more exercise and be generally more active. This will then aid the weight loss and help you to burn more calories through your day.

There are many different benefits to juicing; you can see weight loss, increased energy levels and better defences against illnesses. As long as you incorporate it into a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can see a great many advantages and rewards from adding juicing to your routine.

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