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The Disadvantages of Juicing

There are some of the shortcomings that are related to drinking of juices without ensuring that you also take the real fruit as well as this may have some negative impact on a person health. There are a lot of people who are using the juices that are made from vegetables as well as fruits either in homes or juice bars. The perception that juices are healthier than the real vegetables as well as fruits are very common and a lot of people have stopped taking the real vegetables and fruits and instead they are preferring juices made from these products.

There are several disadvantages that you will be able to learn that can be associated with juicing and as much as people like to take the juices they should also take the real vegetables and fruits in their meals. Juicing is a process where the vegetable or fruit juice is extracted from the pulp of the fruit or plant and then this is used by many individuals who would like to ensure that they take the right quantity of the vitamins required by the body. However, although this is an easy way of fulfilling the amount of vegetable and fruit to be taken daily there are some concerns that make this process compromising and something that is fully advisable.

Some of the disadvantages of juicing include

  • Cost of the juice - there are very many people who are not able to drink the juice made from vegetable and fruits because of the cost that is involved in making one. For instance there are those people who can afford to buy like ten fruits that will be blended to make one cup of the juice. Instead, it is cheaper to buy fruit and vegetable as they are and eat them and this is cheaper as well as effective way of getting all the vitamins and mineral salts that are present in the fruit and juices. Another thing that makes juicing out of reach to many people is due to the sophisticated equipment that is needed to make the juice. The cost of buying some of this equipment may be high making many people not be able to have such facility in their homes to make these juices from vegetable as well as fruits.
  • Processing of the juice - there are many beneficial elements that are lost in the process of making this juices. One of the most beneficial things that is lost while processing the juice is fiber that is a very important element in digestion. Many people will throw away the pulp and other remains of the fruit or vegetable that contain fiber making the juice to lack some very important elements that a fruit or vegetable has.
  • Time requires - the processing of fruit juice and vegetable juice may require time to prepare it and this may be inconveniencing for people who may have a little time to waste. Compared to a fruit that only needs to be washed and eaten then a juice becomes something that many people would not prefer to have when they have a very short time for taking something small.

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