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Health Tip

Why Drink Noni Juice?

Noni Boosts the Immune System

Scientists state that Noni clean fruit juice may help support the immune system and help tissue more easily process nutritional value. Scopoletin is one among many normal elements of noni. Though a little known, it’s a hard-working chemical that has been discovered to have numerous advantages.

100% Genuine Noni Juice vs. Reconstituted and Distinctive flavored Noni Juices

Natural Styles' noni is 100% fresh and pure fruit juice, with no chemicals, no preservative chemicals, nor tastes. Our canned pure fruit juice can last for up to 2 decades. Contrary to many companies, Natural Styles never leave the fresh juice to ferment for months, which can cause the clean fruit to rot. A very soy marinade flavor in any juice usually indicates that it has gone through extreme fermentation

Morinda Citrifolia [Medical Name for Noni]

Noni clean fruit juice is made from the clean fruit of Morinda citrifolia, a Hawaiian flower with decades of use by ancient people as a normal fruit for consumption as well as a valuable healthy skin treatment aid. Genuine morinda citrifolia clean fruit juice should be crimson brown in shade and the finished item should contain little or no noni pulp.

Noni as an Excellent Antioxidant

Pure Noni Juice is widely known as an excellent antioxidising agent that has been discovered to help our bodies remove harmful toxins in the body's blood circulation, cells, and tissue. As a result, using noni may increase your energy levels.

Quality and Sources

Natural Designs provide excellent products extracted from the finest fruits mainly around the Tahiti, Hawaii and Samoa regions.


In the past 10 decades, over 2 million dollars worth of noni clean fruit juice has been shipped and sold worldwide. Noni clean fruit juice has been verified and licensed for distribution and consumption by companies, wholesale suppliers, traders, stores, doctors, sellers, buyers, importers, exporters, traders and end customers.

Noni Studies

Hawaii University Researchers caused cancer malignancy cancers to grow in trial and error rats and then shot fresh noni clean fruit juice into their abdomens. Initial results of this research have revealed real advantages and the research is developing promisingly.

A National Institution of Health is currently financing Stage II of a medical research that is being performed by Dr. Mark Issell at Hawaii University to see if noni can be used as a possible treatment for cancer malignancy. The NIH also financed an earlier medical research done at Hawaii University in the late 50's. Based on a done toxicological analysis, noni clean fruit juice is considered - Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS).

Another medical survey discovered that 78% of more than 8,000 noni clean fruit juice consumers revealed that it helped them in some way; significantly supporting damaged natural tissue and blood circulation techniques.

Future Predictions for Noni

There are many by-products of the noni flower such as: noni clean fruit juice, noni clean fruit medications, noni foliage medications; to name a few. There are numerous opportunities and uses for the flower yet to be discovered.

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