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How to Stop Smoking

Chewing Tobacco Health Risk

Many times we see people who are always in search of replacements and when they go for chewing tobacco they think that it is not so harmful as smoking is. But frankly speaking it is just a misconception and you can’t always choose for a alternative as alternatives can also be dangerous and even more dangerous than the original condition. And this statement is very true in the case of chewing tobacco. It is a bitter truth for those who have a perception in their minds that chewing tobacco is safer as compared to smoking.

Chewing tobacco is also known as split tobacco. It is so dangerous that it can take you on the path of death. Chewing tobacco contains more nicotine in the bloodstream of the person and the amount of nicotine is also very high. It not only contain nicotine but also some harm full chemicals too.

Chewing Tobacco: Health Risk Explained

People think that it is smoke free in nature so one can replace cigarettes with these. But those who think like this are living in the world of illusions. They need to come in reality.

Following are the harm full affects of chewing tobacco:

  • Addiction: The very first affect of chewing tobacco is addiction. People become addicted of that nicotine juice and it also noticeable thing that leaving chewing tobacco is much difficult than smoking .The amount of nicotine is also high in it.
  • Increased Risk of Tooth Decay: Chewing tobacco not only contains nicotine but also it contains sugary substances which lead to tooth decay. As it stay for a longer period in the mouth it has more contact with the teeth and leaves scratches in the mouth and remove the tooth enamel too.
  • Oral Cancer: It has a harmful affects on the oral health. It affects the cheek, teeth, gums and lips too.
  • Altered Taste: The tasting sense of the person also get affected by chewing tobacco. It also affects the smelling power of the person.
  • Risk of Heart Diseases: It exerts a great pressure on the heart. The heart beat also get fast and there are chances of heart diseases. The cholesterol level also gets high and the problems like blood pressure also arise due to this.

Danger Sign

How you can know that the problem is increasing day by day and you need to take some measures so that the problem will not rise. Here are some of those conditions:

  • Any sore in the mouth which is taking more time than usual to get healed up.
  • Lumps which might not be as much painful.
  • Any sore in the throat.
  • When there is some difficulty in chewing or eating is becoming problem for you.
  • Any swallowing in the throat or any other unspecified problem of throat.

Getting Help Quitting

There are so many products available in the market which can help you to get rid of it. Just consult your physician and take some appropriate action. Many people think that by replacing the smoking with chewing they can overcome the situation. But it is not so as they have to find the right solution and move towards the right path.

Quite Smoking

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