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How to Stop Smoking

Nicorette Gum

If you are trying to stop smoking, Nicorette gum may be capable of helping you deal with the symptoms of nicotine removal.

Using Nicorette Gum

Nicorette is obtainable in Fresh Mint, Original, Orange, as well as Mint flavors. If you are trying to reduce weight, you’ll be happy to know that every piece of sugar-free gum contains three calories along with one gram of carbohydrates.

Smokers who make use of more than twenty-five cigarettes per day are supposed to use the 4mg gum, whereas less recurrent smokers are supposed to use 2mg Nicorette gum. This suggestion is the same irrespective of whether you smoke low-nicotine or low-tar cigarettes.

It takes twelve weeks to finish the Nicorette program. Even though you no longer experience the need to smoke, you must still use the gum for the entire time period. On the other hand, you must not use Nicorette for more than twelve weeks devoid of a doctor’s consent.

It is essential to keep away from drinking or eating for fifteen minutes after making use of Nicorette. Even a little acidic beverages or foods can get in the way with the gum’s nicotine amalgamation rate.

As Nicorette includes small quantities of nicotine, the deal of this product to citizens under age eighteen is against the law. If you are a youngster who wishes to stop smoking, inquire your parents or healthcare provider for guidance.

Side Effects

Like any other medication, Nicorette gum has possible side effects. The most general side effects consist of:

  • Changes in taste perception
  • Jaw ache or injury to teeth
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Dry mouth
  • Numbness
  • Chest pain

In most of the cases, side effects will be decreased as your body alters to the medicine. On the other hand, you are optimistic to address your distresses with your healthcare supplier.


Even though Nicorette gum is an effective and safe and way to stop smoking, it’s essential to make use of the product as planned.

  • Nicorette is not planned for citizens who want to stop smoking cigars or chewing tobacco. The FDA has merely approved this medication as a replacement for nicotine therapy for cigarette smokers.
  • Citizens who undergo from coronary heart disease, stern cardiac arrhythmias, and otherwise vasospastic diseases must consult a doctor previous to using Nicorette.
  • Nicorette gum can stick to partial bridges, dental caps, or dentures. Check with your dentist for suggestion if you are anxious about this possible problem.
  • If you are expecting, you must not use Nicorette gum. Even though this medication is thought to be safe than smoking, the dangers to your mounting baby aren’t completely known.
  • Breastfeeding ladies must not use Nicorette gum to stop smoking. The nicotine knows how to be conceded to your baby through your breast milk.
  • Children or pets should not consume Nicorette gum. Get in touch with your local toxic control center right away if you guess a case of unintentional indigestion.

Quite Smoking

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