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How to Stop Smoking

Nicotine Patch

How the Nicotine Patch Functions

The nicotine patch is an effectual aid in smoking termination. It functions by giving a stable low dose of nicotine that is engrossed through the skin into the bloodstream for sixteen to twenty-four hours before substitution. Due to the steady nicotine in the structure, removal symptoms are decreased. Many patch systems are complying with better consequences when used in association with behavioral therapy or counseling.

Many patches come in “step” shape, though few are steady doses. Step systems function by giving a high dosage of nicotine for two to three weeks, after that moving down to lower dosages.

To make use of the patch, chase these steps:

  1. Get a hairless, dry mark on the body. Generally it is the stomach, chest, lower back hip, upper back, or upper arm. Clean carefully.
  2. Alter the patch each sixteen to twenty-four hours, as the brand’s instruction says.
  3. Alter patch at the same time every day.
  4. Make use of the patch for up to twelve weeks; check with a physician if longer time is required.

The patch must stay on through bathing, showers, as well as swimming. Replace it immediately, if it does ensue to fall off. If required, try again in a fresh place on the body.

Do not dual up the patch. Use one by one. If a dosage is missed, replace when it is memorized. Breastfeeding or Pregnant women and people under the age of eighteen must not apply the patch.

Even though many people correlate the patch with smoking termination, it can as well be used to assist in quitting smokeless tobacco goods. Even if it may not be as an effectual healing with the tobacco as it is with cigarettes, it is even worth conversing the option with your physician.

Interactions and Overdose

Talk to a physician in relation to any current medicines, since there may be connections that cause unforeseen effects. Though the nicotine patch is obtainable over-the-counter, it is forever advisable to confer with a pharmacist or physician about the connections.

Citizens with certain health problems should not use the patch devoid of lapse from a physician. Pros and cons of making use of the patch should be conversed before starting a course. The following circumstances merit further medical attention when making use of the nicotine patch:

  • Heart attack or chest pains
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Ulcers
  • Allergies to adhesives or certain medicines
  • Heart disease
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver disease

Responses to the nicotine patch, as through any medicine, are to be estimated. Mild responses usually consist of dry mouth, diarrhea, hives or swelling at patch appliance site, as well as sweating. Vomiting or nausea or may as well occur in some cases. If a few of these symptoms endure over a long phase of time, talk with a physician.

In case of further severe effects, go to the emergency area. This may be as a result of overdose, or plain intolerance of the medicine.

Quite Smoking

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