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How to Stop Smoking

Effects of Smoking

Smoking not only affects the person who is smoking but also others who are living around him. It also harms the society and increase the pollution level in the environment too. It is making the youth inactive and it also lead to premature deaths. The death rate is increasing abut also it creates illness among the people and an unhealthy youth can create problem for both himself as well as nation.

Health Risks of Smoking

Not only nicotine but it also contains other harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, tar, arsenic and carbon monoxide. There are so many of harm full affects of smoking:

  • It decreases the amount of oxygen out of your skin and makes the skin look dull and the take away the glow out of the face.
  • The person who smokes can face the problem of premature aging and can be look ten years older than ever.
  • It may lead to bad breathing and yellow dirty teeth.
  • Smokers develop psoriasis on the skin as compared to non smokers.

Effects of Second hand Smoke

There are also people who actually do not smoke but they are also suffering from the harmful impact of smoking. They are called the passive smokers. They actually do not smoke but inhale that smoke that smokers leave out. Many of us also suffer from the same situation. When we go out for the shopping or rush in to some public place to hang out there are people who spoil our mood by smoking and create irritation among us. Not only this but because of tem we may suffer from harmful diseases without any misdeed.

The harmful impacts on the second hand smokers are as following:

  • They suffer from throat irritation, sneezing, nausea, headache or burning eyes etc.
  • It can also increase the chance of heart diseases and it also exerts pressure on the heart.
  • It increases the chance of death because of SIDS.
  • The young children who are exposed to second hand smoking can suffer from asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis.

So we have come to know several bad affects of smoking not only on the smokers but also on the non smokers. It is a danger for all of us and one have to be really very aware of the harmful affects of the smoking. The people who are around a smoker will also suffer from it and they should also take precautions to save them selves from the impact of smoking. So if some one sees any one smoking at some public place so immediately he or she should stop the person so that the other people will be saved from the inhalation of the smoke of nicotine. The awareness about the problem which will arise in future due to smoking must be clear to the smokers so that they will make their mind to quit smoking. One should think that smoking will not only harm his or her health but also to the life of his or her dear one’s.

Quite Smoking

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