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How to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Programs

Stop smoking programs boost your chances of finally kicking the habit. A lot of programs are available online and in your community. Don't allow physically to go through this difficult time alone; others know how hard it is to quit smoking and can help you succeed.

Statistics on Quitting Smoking

According to the American Heart Association, four out of five smokers desire they could quit, but only 20 to 40 percent of quitters succeed after one year. The excellent news is that 1.3 million populace do stop smoking each year.

According to the Tobacco Free website, 90% of people who do not use a smoking cessation program fail. This indicates the efficiency of these cessation programs.

Stop Smoking Programs in Your Community

Nicotine Anonymous is one of the most accepted cessation programs available in communities across the country. Volunteers who have effectively quit smoking run this free nonprofit program that provides support through discussion and using the 12-step program commonly used in Alcoholics Anonymous. You grace with your presence to a weekly meeting that provides you the possibility to meet others who understand what you are going through and can help you stay motivated in quitting cigarettes.

Many health insurance companies and workplaces also give cessation programs. Health insurance companies desire to see you smoke free because it lowers your risk of developing costly diseases such as lung cancer or heart disease. To come across out about stop smoking programs through your workplace or health insurance, contact your employer directly.


QUITNET is an online cessation program created to help you successfully quit cigarettes. The site has:

  • Around the clock support in its online community
  • A stats calculator
  • Expert advice
  • Information on medication
  • Self assessment tools
  • E-mail through the site
  • Message boards and chat rooms
  • A searchable directory to find local support groups

The site is free to register, but you must have to pay a membership fee to take advantage of all of its services.


WhyQuit.com is a site with a support forum, informational articles with an online classroom. This online quit smoking classroom includes education and peer support. To join the classroom, you require to have quit cold turkey for at least 72 hours, and relapse is grounds for dismissal from the class.


Smokefree.gov does not include a support forum, but it does have a lot of practical information. You can read the site's steps for quitting and accept either instant messenger or phone support from a National Cancer Institute counselor.

Understanding Relapse

Cessation programs are an efficient way to quit smoking, but there is still a chance you may relapse. If relapse be supposed to happen, don't think you can't quit; it's just a momentary setback. Continue attending your meetings and subsequent the steps in your chosen stop smoking program. You may have to start over, or just go reverse a step to get you back on track. Whatever you have to do, just keep your mind paying attention on your end goal – giving up cigarettes for good!

Quite Smoking

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