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How to Stop Smoking

Does Chantix Works

Chantix was a revolution among the smokers who wanted to quit smoking. But it is still a question that whether it is really effective to control smoking habit of the people. But it is really fortunate to say that it is really an encouraging factor and has shown good results several times. It is really more effective than placebo. The people who have used this medication are enjoying a great life which is free of smoke. The users have also said that when they were using this medication the pleasure of smoking was completely vanished out of their life. The people who use such medication to leave the habit face many odd symptoms while their course of their medication but it is really nice to say that the withdrawal symptoms of this medicine is not so problematic.

How Chantix Works?

When people stop using nicotine their brain start making a substance called dopamine. It make them feel to smoke ands it give some satisfaction and pleasure to the smoker so he start using cigarettes more and more. But on the other hand when a person stop smoking then the substance called dopamine is produced less and less and the withdrawal symptom will be shown more and more. Chantix blocks brains receptor and that is how they stop feeling the pleasure of smoking. The enjoyment and happiness which they feel in past will not be there any more.

How to Take Chantix?

If your doctor has advised you to take this medication as a withdrawal medicine then you have to take it at least for twelve weeks and after that you will get rid of it. First of all you will be said to take one dose per day and after some time you will be advised to take two doses per day. If there will be an increase in the doses per day then the side affects which you face will also be decreased as prior. Some of the side affects are as following:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Cravings of sweet food
  • Irritability

When you will complete the course of twelve months then your doctor will advise you to increase the course for three months too. Now it will be ion your doctor that whether he feels like that you need an extension or not. Chantix may also have some side affects too and having a glass full of water can really help you to save yourself from the side affects.

Not All Chantix Users Stay Smoke Free.

Many it happens that the person do not leave smoking even after using this medication but it doesn’t mean that it has not worked well but it is due to the personal problems of the smoker. Chantix is just a path indicator but final destination has to be reached by the person himself.

Counseling is a Part of Solution

A counselors help can also help you to a greater extend and it will prove a great working hand as it will prepare you psychologically to leave smoking.

Quite Smoking

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