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How to Stop Smoking

Cigarette Smoking or Chewing and Cancer

When we move we listen or see on the hoardings that cigarette and chewing tobacco affects our body and it lead to cancer. It is still unproven that cigarette smoking cause cancer or not. Many times we see doctors and nurses smoking cigarettes outside the hospitals so that it will not affect the patients. Most of the cancer hospitals take smoking as one of the factor responsible for the cancer. There are pages filled with the information which states that how smoking is responsible for the cancer.

The National Cancer Institute has explained how it is responsible for cancer. They have hundred of links which tells about how smoking and cancer are interrelated.

Does Chewing Tobacco Cause Cancer?

The smokers many times think that they will surely leave smoking when they attend some debate on smoking. Harmful affects of smoking are many times when they try to change their mind and quit smoking. They think that smoking is more harmful as compared to chewing tobacco. But is there any difference in two of them or there is really something which affect the body less or more. According to NCI chewing tobacco is equally harmful as cigarette. Both of them make the person walk on the path of death. Chewing tobacco is having a harmful cancer agent in it called 28 carcinogens. It has been proved that chewing tobacco instead of cigarettes is not at all a good replacement. In fact it increases the chance of oral cancer more than any thing else.

Deadly Statistics About cigarette Smoking or Tobacco Chewing and Cancer

Everyone knows that chewing tobacco can be harmful and it can be deadly too. Violence and road accidents could be dangerous to anyone. Cancer is not just limited to certain parts of body but it has more than hundred types of cancers. It is actually related to any type of problem related to cells. To live a healthy life the person need a proper regeneration of cells and the person who do not have regeneration of cells in their body will suffer from cancer. There are certain genetic reasons behind cancer. But on the other hand cigarette smoking and chewing tobacco is external cause of cancer. Here are some statistics related to cigarette smoking:

  • Eighty five percent of the people die due to lung cancer caused due to cigarette smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • Tobacco which is the main component of both cigarette and chew cause 440000 deaths and it is very sad to say that these deaths could be preventable if these two things could be avoided.
  • Both cigarettes and chew can cause cancers of larynx, oral cavity and pharynx.
  • Smoking and chewing can cause cancers of kidney, pancreatic, cervical, tongue, cheeks and gums.
  • It also affects the immune system of the person and the diseases other than cancer go up.

One should be really very careful while using such products as these may affect on the long term health of the person as well.

Quite Smoking

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