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How to Stop Smoking

Cigarette Smoking

Gender Equality Isn't Always a Good Thing

This is the world of equality and we see men and women on the same platform. But we should give them equal status only in the field of profession and status not in the bad habits of the men. Smoking is always considered as a passion of men but now women are also adopting this habit.

Cigarette Smoking Poses Special Danger to Women

It has been researched that cigarette smoking affects the life span of the women and it decreases the life period up to fifteen years. Following are some of the harmful affects of smoking which has been noticed in the women due to cigarette smoking:

  • Smoking is the main cause of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. Eighty percent of the ladies lose their life because of this dangerous condition.
  • Many of the women die due to breast cancer and it has been seen that the women who smoke on daily basis suffer in more ratio as compared to those women who do not smoke. Both men and women suffered from the cancers of lungs, pancreas, bladder, kidney, larynx, pharynx and esophagus.
  • The lower bone density of the women also decreases as compared to those who do not smoke. It can also cause hip fracture.
  • It affects the fertility of the women too.

Risks during Pregnancy

The women who smoke during pregnancy not only damage their life but also their unborn baby’s life. Following are some consequences of smoking during pregnancy:

  • Smoking during pregnancy passes the smoke of nicotine her fetus and it cuts the supply of oxygen to placenta.
  • The woman who smokes during pregnancy will surely have more complications like placental obstruction.
  • It increases the chance of miscarriage and infant death.
  • It causes premature deliveries and also responsible for the underweight babies. There may also be problems in the development of the children and their learning capacity may also get affected by the smoker mother.
  • The mother who smokes at the time of pregnancy increases the chances of her child’s death by SIDS as compared to a non smoker mother.

It does not matter what quantity of nicotine she is taking but it matters a lot that she is taking it. Only reducing the quantity of nicotine can not save the mother and child from the danger of nicotine so she must have to leave it completely.

Kicking the Habit

The women who wish to quit smoking face more problem as compared tom the men who wants to quit smoking. She face problems like weight gain, stress and negative emotions make her feel so uncomfortable that quitting smoking become very difficult for the women. Following measures she can take to leave smoking:

  • Learning Relaxation Technique
  • Joining Local Health Club
  • Meet some Counselor

There are also therapies which can provide you a great deal of help. These therapies should be taken from some good therapist to get immediate result. Prescription for zyban can also help the smoker.

Quite Smoking

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