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Home Remedies For Body Lice

Body lice is a tiny parasitic insect that lives on the bodies of humans. Not only do they live here, they also feed and breed here. Sometimes, body lice lives on an infected person’s clothing and bedding.

The causes and symptoms of this kind of lice are very simple. The United States rarely have outbreaks such as these, but it certainly can happen. The conditions for body lice are at its greatest when a group of people are living together who have poor hygiene. This condition is very common with homeless people and people who live in shelters. Even though conditions are right at the time for body lice to spread, it doesn’t always happen like that for this reason.

Although shelters and homeless people are great for the living and breeding of body lice, they may not have it for the reasons that you may be thinking. People who are living in shelters may become victims of body lice because of a shortage of hygiene items and clean clothes. On the other side of things, just because a person is homeless or lives in a shelter does not mean that they are guaranteed to have this kind of lice. Anyone can get body lice given the right conditions.

Treating body lice as soon as possible is very important. Using a home remedy could get you the treatment and help that you need before the situation escalates into a bigger issue.

When you have clothes and other fabrics and materials that are infested with these parasites, you have an option of throwing everything away or washing them in hot water. Many people aren’t aware that washing clothes and keeping them clean is a step to preventing body lice. When you wash these clothes, the temperature should be at least 130 degrees or the hottest that you water can get.

As with many other parasites, plastic can also be another remedy that can be used. This method is ideally for items that can’t be washed. When the plastic is concerned, you should place or cover the items in plastic for two weeks or longer to kill the lice and eggs. If lice is not on the body, it will die after a few days at room temperature.

With this issue, cold soaks and calamine lotion comes to save the day. As far as the cold soaks go, this will ease the itching and agitation of skin. With calamine lotion, it is used to treat the effects of body lice. Apply this lotion once, twice, or as needed every day. If you’re seeking another option, you can also use coconut milk. Here, you’re in luck because it is believed that lice really dislike the smell of it. Many people choose to bathe in it and submerge their entire body in it.

Surprisingly to many people, Listerine also can have a helping hand here. This kind of mouth wash contains oils and other essential ingredients that kill lice. These remedies should help out a lot more than you are expecting.

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