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Home Remedies For The Strong Smell Of Cat Urine

Cat urine is a distinct, unmistakable smell. Even if you’re not a cat person, you will know that smell anywhere. This is how cats mark their territory and one way that they show ownership. This is an awful smell that can be gotten rid of if it’s handled in the correct manner. From kittens to senior pets, this can be an issue for all.

Many people wonder what makes cat urine smell so terrible. It smells so awful because the urine is composed of organic components that can seriously damage hardwood floors, carpets, and upholstery. What makes the urine such an unpleasant smell is an acid called uric.

There are quite a few remedies that you can use to get the stains out of your carpet and the smell out of your home. One remedy that may come in handy for you is dish detergent. This is used to remove urine form upholstered furniture. For this remedy, you will need to create a mixture of one tablespoon of dish detergent and two cups of cold water. After you have made your mixture, sponge and blot the stain until the liquid has become absorbed into the carpet.

Another thing you can try is hydrogen peroxide and Listerine mouthwash. With the peroxide, you will use this for stubborn urine stains on upholstery. To do this, it’s best that you use an eye dropper for the peroxide. This will be very helpful because it breaks down and loosens up the components in cat urine that makes it smell so bad and leaves a terrible stain.

On the other hand, Listerine works well with the same concept and principal as the hydrogen peroxide. With this remedy, a lot of people add a couple of drops of Listerine to vinegar and water to control and get rid of the odors of urine. You can also add a little bit of Listerine to a hydrogen peroxide mixture and get great results as well.

Steam cleaners also get the job done. These work really well when you are trying to remove heavy cat urine stains and odors.When you use this method, it is important that you use only water to dilute the stains and no chemicals.

Ammonia is snot such a good thing to use because it has a similar odor to urine. On another note, this smell will also attract animals and tempt and encourage them to soil your carpet and furniture, and this is something that you don’t want to encourage.

If you would rather use carbonated water, use this water to rinse the stain out really well and dab it with paper towels or a rag. You may want to repeat this method a few times out of the week if the stain has been there a while. If you are doing this when the stain is just made or is recent, the stain should come out without a problem. With older stains, they have set into the material and require a little more work and attention.

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