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Home Remedies For Cat Fleas

Cat fleas are simply the worst and are sometimes hard to get rid of. Not only can they affect cats, they also affect humans. This can become an infestation quicker than you can turn around and snap your fingers. Needless to say, this is quite a common problem among furry friends.

If you discover that your cat has fleas, you will want to treat them for this immediately. If you wait around and do nothing about the situation, an infestation can occur. This is the last thing that you want to happen because it will be extremely hard to get rid of them at that point.

With these fleas comes the many risk factors that you really want to take. Some of these factors include hair loss, disease, weather, stray cats, and frequent outdoor visits. With hair loss, the fur may come out because of the cat biting, scratching, and lick their flea wounds. As far as diseases are concerned, fleas have been known to carry many different other kinds of parasites to a cat. When weather comes into the equation, this could make matters a lot worse. Fleas are at their best when it is very humid and rainy. Even in the summertime, you could also experience an infestation because the conditions are right.

Stray cats pose a great threat to an environment, place, or home that is not infested with fleas. Stray cats come from everywhere and if you decide to take them in and become their caregiver, you should take them to the vet immediately to have them checked out. This will help you and your household in the long run.

There are a few remedies for cat fleas that you may find interesting and useful. Many people have found that cleaning up your yard makes a big difference. This is a great idea because these little bothers thrive in humid and wet environments. You may just want to clean up around the outside of your home.

Vinegar and water may also do the trick. This mixture is safe to use on pets, carpet, and bedding. All you have to do is put equal parts of water and vinegar into a spray bottle and use it. Cedar shavings may also work for you. Here, you can get this from any home improvement store. Just sprinkle these shavings around your home and keep it clean. On that note, you may also want to spread these shavings around your garden and flower beds.

Flea combs and detergent water are also available. A lot of people wouldn’t suggest this, but it actually works. The comb along with the detergent is a lot more powerful than a lot of people care to believe.

Summer maintenance may also become an option for you. Since the summer happens to be a good condition for fleas to thrive and do what they need to, wash all of your pet’s bedding with hot, soapy water every week. This will get rid of them quicker and cut down on your chances of infestation.

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