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Home Remedies For Carpet Beetles

Just like fleas, there can also be an infestation of carpet beetles. This can also turn into a serious situation, not just for your household, but the things in your home as well. A few of these things include your clothing, furniture, and any other fabric that you may have lying around.

These little pests are a little easier to get rid of than some of the others that you may have heard of or be quite familiar with, such as fleas. There are a few home remedies that you can try to get rid of these bothers and save a little money.

A vacuum cleaner and a steamer can become your best friend when you’re in a carpet beetle situation. Here, just get into a routine of cleaning and steaming your carpet and furniture on the regular to cut down on the problem. This will always get rid of human hair, fur, and dust in your home.

The dryer can also come in handy in a way that you may have never thought. Just place any clothes or other fabrics and materials that you feel have been attacked by these beetles in the dryer for at least 30 minutes. On the same note, you can also store your clothes in plastic because carpet beetles will not be attracted to it.

What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that these little critters love and feed in the dark. Needless to say, your closet is the perfect place to be. You can avoid this or even get rid of them by placing a light in there or leaving the light on if there is already one present.

Carpet beetles are more of an upscale parasite because they will only eat organic materials. One quick way to send them running for the hills is to fill a room with nothing but synthetic materials.

A good routine cleaning is the best way to keep many parasites and bugs away from and out of your home. These little buddies also enjoy a full diet of human and animal hair. Furthermore, they love to snack on the dust that collects in those hard to reach places that we hate to even think about cleaning. Here, you may want to do your spring cleaning a little early and keep things maintained. This way, it will be a lot easier to see them and where they have taken a liking to hiding.

Just about everyone has a clothing inspection session where they throw out old summer, winter, and spring clothes, or clothes they just don’t wear or want any more. During this time, you’ll want to be on the look-out for these little guys. You may see the actual pest or just remains of some clothing or material that they left behind. Either way, it’s a sign of them being there or having been there, so you have to get rid of them and keep them out for good. Keeping fine fabrics and materials in plastic will keep them away because they hate plastic.

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