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Home Remedies For Parrots

Parrots are a one of a kind pet. This is because of the personalities that many of them obtain. Not only is their personality amazing, they can also learn new tricks and offer their owner a new friend and great companionship.

There are quite a few kinds of parrots. These special pets belong to a group of birds that are called psittacines. Every kind of bird that is a member of this family possesses some of the same features and characteristics of each other. A few of them include four toes on each foot, a curved beak, and an erect stance.

To keep your talkative pet happy and content, you may want to make a note of a few of these remedies to keep on hand for future reference. Many people aren’t aware that baby food will nourish a sick bird. To complete this remedy, just warm the food before serving it. You may also want to keep a few jars on hand just in case.

In the case that your birdie gets diarrhea, feed it a little brown rice and monitor how often it uses the bathroom and what it looks like. Many people are surprised that birds will eat any kind of rice that is in any form.

If you find that your little birdie’s skin is kind of rough or a little dry, feed it a little bit of yams. It will be more than thankful because these kinds of birds will enjoy the taste and color of them.

If you’re planning on taking your pet on a road trip with you, have a few pieces of ginger handy. Your pet will enjoy them. This will prevent your bird from having motion sickness. It is wise to give your pet the slices the night before you decide to travel.

Using chamomile is quite interesting. It helps humans in the way it does parrots. If your parrot happens to be stressed, this tea can really calm them down and make them more relaxed.

Witch hazel is most commonly used to stop the aggravation of itchy skin of birds. Here, all you have to do is run witch hazel on the affected areas.

Since parrots enjoy the fresh taste of dandelions, why not add it to their diet! This little flower will help with the flow of their blood and also helps to prevent the conditions of arthritis.

Aloe vera is also great to use when your pet has a burn, wound, bite or cut. It also helps them from getting infections from skin that has been injured.

Believe it or not, birds too suffer from sinus issues. For sinus congestion, cayenne can come to the rescue and help here. This should be used a topical remedy and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Your pet is like a member of your family and needs the affection and attention that you would give a child. These remedies may not be effective for long term use, but it is good for immediate relief of many symptoms until you can get them to a vet.

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