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Home Remedies For Weevils

Weevils are a kind of pest that will give you quite a surprise the next time you leave pantry items unsealed or not closed tightly. These guys like to feast on flour, cereal, and other things that you may find in a pantry. Weevils aren’t really harmful, but they can become quite annoying. That is certainly one reason to want them out of your home immediately.

There are two different kinds of weevils, which are rice and granary. These two differ in color and a few other characteristics. While the rice weevil is a yellowish color with spots, the granary is a reddish color and doesn’t have any spots. Rice weevils are able to fly while the granary is not.

Home remedies for weevils are simple and straight to the point. Even though these insects aren’t harmful, you still don’t want them eating up your food. If you have any suspicions of a weevil infestation, the first think you’ll want to do is clean up. When cleaning up, you will want to definitely start in the cabinets and pantry. Anything that is unopened may be kept, but as for the opened items, they should be discarded immediately.

Once you have cleaned up, you still may want to try a few remedies to be on the safe side. Soap and water is one remedy that you can try. With a pail of hot, soapy water, you will have to scrub the corners and cracks of your pantry and cabinets. Once you have scrubbed and cleaned up pretty well, wipe all of the crevices and surfaces down with a towel or paper towels.

If you find that you have a mess in the pantry or cabinets, you certainly want to get the spills and other messes cleaned up before you use the hot soap and water remedy. Use a vacuum to get up any mess that you find in your pantry shelves or in your cabinets. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can always use a dust pan. Once you have completed this remedy, you are free to use the soap and water remedy next.

Cloves and bay leaves may also do the trick. Weevils certainly do not enjoy the smell of cloves and is one sure way to keep them out of your pantry and away from your home. Leaving these cloves in your pantry or on the shelves that your food is on will keep it safe from being eaten by these insects. As for the bay leaves, it’s just like the cloves because they can’t stand the smell of it.

Surprisingly, matchbooks will also work. All you have to do is leave an open matchbook box next to the grains and pasta in your pantry or cabinet. Many people are under the impression that these insects do not like the scent of sulfur.

These crafty insects are attracted to bags that contain flour and rice that have been left opened. To get rid of this issue, you can conceal everything in containers, Ziploc bags, or even keep these pests favorite food in the freezer.

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