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Home Remedies For Your Pets

No matter what kind of pet you have or whether it’s kept in a cage or gets to roam around the house, there’s always a home remedy for just about every situation. These remedies certainly come in handy when your pet needs immediate relief and also saves you money.

Needless to say, dogs and cats are the most common pets to have. Remedies for these furry guys include vanilla castor oil and flaxseed oil. Vanilla is used to cure those pets that have foul odors and regular shampoo doesn’t seem to do the trick. To get this mixture correct, you’ll need to split a vanilla bean into four cups of cornmeal. If this happens to be an ongoing issue, you may want to make a little extra and use it when needed. These ingredients need to sit for at least a week. When it’s ready, you will sprinkle your new product on your pet and massage it into his coat. Once you have done this, entirely brush out the product.

Castor oil is another product that may help you. This particular remedy is ideally for mangy dogs. This oil has to be poured directly on the skin. You might want to make this an outdoor activity because this tends to be very messy.

If your dog has had a skin allergy episode, you will use flaxseed oil to get the fur growing again. Mix two tablespoons of this oil with each meal to get quicker results.

Vinegar and almond and vitamin e oil are yet another remedy to help you and your pets. Vinegar is your one stop shop for cleaning up urine stains. It is a very well known fact that pet urine is the hardest to clean up and completely get rid of. To have your carpet looking and smelling the way it did before the accident, just mix one cup of warm water with one cup of vinegar into a cup and it onto the stain. Then get a rag and blot and dab the spot until the stain has been completely removed.

When it comes to almond and vitamin e oil, this is your special remedy for ear mites. Here, you are required to mix ½ ounce of almond oil and vitamin e (4oo IU) to create your remedy. You will need to purchase a dropper bottle if you don’t have one. You will use this dropper to put two drops of this remedy into each ear. After you have done this, massage each ear and use a napkin or paper towel to cleanse the outer part of your pet’s ear. Do not go too far within the ear canal.

Alcohol and tomato juice are another remedy that you can try. As far as the alcohol goes, it removes ticks the easy way. All you have to do is dip a cotton swab into a little bit of rubbing alcohol and put it directly onto the tick. Once you have done this, it will make removing the ticks with a pair of tweezers a lot easier.

Tomato juice is used to get rid of the stench of a skunk. If your pet has been sprayed, you’ll certainly be aware of it and you will bathe your pet in the tomato juice to get rid of the odor. This process may take a while, so bathe your animal in it for at least two days.

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