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Home Remedies For Horses

Horses are very amazing creatures and are stunning to look at, but when you’re an outsider looking in, this is all you may notice. When you’re the caregiver of a horse, things are much different. The upkeep and maintenance of a horse can really add up. There is a lot of care that a horse needs. Such care includes hoof and veterinarian care, food, riding equipment, and shelter.

When your horse gets sick, what else can you do but take it to the vet? You can try a few home remedies before you have to spend an astronomical amount of money. You can avoid this by using ingredients that can be found around the house can be used. Sometimes, these remedies can get the job done better and saves tons of money.

Many issues that are associated with horses come from the thousands of flies that swarm around them all day. Many of these remedies have been passed on from owner to owner for many generations. With times as hard as they are today, everyone is trying not to open their wallet for anything. This is one way that home remedies can come to the rescue for you and your horse.

One popular remedy is apple cider vinegar. This will get rid of some of the flies and gnats that fly around and annoy your horse tremendously. Not only does the cider help in this way, it also soothes itch skin, joint and arthritis pain. All you have to do is put a small amount of the cider into a spray bottle and spray.

Another option you have is homemade fly repellent. With this homemade remedy, all that’s required is one inch of white vinegar and the Dawn dish liquid that’s blue. This mix should be put into a spray container that holds one quart of liquid. The rest of the container needs to be filled with water to mix the contents. Now all you have to do is spray the horse to keep the flies away.

The next remedy may come as a complete surprise, but it actually works. If you discover that your horse is losing hair around a wound, use Preparation H. Many people use this because this product promotes hair growth.

Meat tenderizer and sugar water has also been proven to work as well. With the tenderizer, you will use water to mix with it until it becomes a paste. This relaxes the horse and eases any pains caused by insect bites or stings. As for the sugar water, it is used to cure and ease the pain of blisters and cuts. You’ll need to get some aloe vera and mix it with sugar water. Now you need to wrap what you have just made in order to hold it in place.

Using Murphy’s oil soap and kerosene also works. The oil soap is used to clean the products for horses that are made from leather. On the other hand, it also makes a mild solution so it doesn’t hurt the animal. The kerosene on another note is often used for equipment that has become rusty. Just soak all of your equipment in the liquid overnight and your tools will be as good as new.

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