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Home Remedies For Ticks

Ticks are thought of as very dirty and disease carriers. This is a true statement. These guys are the main ones who are responsible for diseases to humans in the United States. How are these germs transmitted and transferred? It’s just like with any other pest and parasite, but the difference here is that when they bite a person or an animal, the diseases and toxins that are present in their saliva are then transferred from parasite to person or parasite to animal.

These guys are in the same family as spiders, scorpions, and mites. Unfortunately, there are over 800 different species of these disease infested blood suckers. The victims here are humans and animals. Out of all of the different species of ticks, they are all placed into two main categories. These categories are soft and hard. On another downfall about these parasites, along with the two main types comes two different stands of diseases.

These blood thirsty guys can really eat. While some only feed for hours at time, others feed for days. As far as the diseases and bacteria is concerned, this happens when the feeding is about to come to an end. The meal usually ends when the tick is full of blood. They tend to live in places that have tall grass, wooded areas, forest beds, and overgrown bushes.

You can’t keep your pet inside all day every day because they need fresh air just like humans do. Since this is a fact, when you let your pets out to play, there’s no telling where they go or where they will end up. Ticks are everywhere are won’t waste a chance at a time to feed. Ticks are very dangerous to humans and animals because of the harsh and fatal bacteria and diseases that they carry.

Many people believe that ticks are the worst parasites on the planet. Having said that, you certainly want to do everything that you possibly can to protect you, your loved ones, and your pets. There are quite a few remedies that will help you do just that if they are followed correctly.

The kind of clothing you wear makes a big difference. If you’re going on nature walks or live close to areas that ticks call home, you’ll surely want to dress for the occasion. You will need to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and boots. If you’re planning on taking a trip through the woods, make sure that your pants are tucked into your socks and that you have something to cover your head at all times.

Insect repellent also works here. This is a smart way for you to keep ticks and other parasites off of you and your clothing. Be sure to check that the repellent is 10 to 30% DEET. This kind of repellent may also be put onto your clothes without harming them. Not only will you be protected while you are enjoying the great outdoors, but it also keeps you from bringing them into your residence from outside.

When you are traveling through the woods or enjoying a camping trip, it’s important that you walk in the center of paths and trails. When camping, make sure you have something to sit on and don’t set up camp anywhere near leaf piles.

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