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Chinese Green Tea

Tea is as common a beverage like other beverages and its name does not signify any special attraction. But other forms of teas for their remarkable benefits have been making name and one such is the Green tea. Green tea is now talk of the town for its curable and health benefits on humans. Now days it is become a common beverage like normal tea. Among green tea there are again variants depending on their place of origin like Indian green tea, Chinese green tea, Japanese green tea and so on. Chinese green tea is said to be of more beneficial in preventing cancer and related diseases. Though there is no much of difference among Chinese green tea and Indian green tea as their cultivating areas are not much differing in their climate and type of soil. Still Chinese green tea has its hand up as China is said to be the place of origin of tea.

Tea Culture of China

Tea has been a prominent drink I China since ancient times. Chinese tea culture refers to the methods used by them in preparing tea. Tea was one of the basic necessities of Chinese among seven daily needs oil, salt, rice, firewood, vinegar and soy sauce. Green tea of china is said to differ from that of Japan, Britain or Europe. Method used in obtaining the green tea gives the difference in taste altogether. Chinese tea is preferred to be used in herbal medicines than any other tea. Chinese importance for tea is so much that their simple meal is Cu Cha Dan Fan which tasteless and coarse dinner. A just simple meal finished with tea, this also lets you think of their knowledge and science of tea they have practiced and cultivated since ancient times.


In general tea is said to have been used in China since ancient times dating back to 4000 years. Its importance and as common use was started first by Yan Di, a ruler tasted many kinds of herbs for finding medicinal cure and tea was the winner in his process of findings. Then it was used as a herbal medicine for treating particular problems. Then after in Zhou Dynasty rule tea was made as a religious offering that started to get popular. People of his rule ate Tea as vegetables during autumn and spring seasons. Then after came the popular Buddhism monks of which were influenced by the drink and spread its cultivation methods and carried it wherever they went and popularized the tea in whole of Asia and as like carried it to Japan where the tea has been cultivated and Japanese tea is famous worldwide.

Tea in China is compared to character of a person. Tea is considered as pleasant, lasting and low keyed which is not aggressive. This shows character of a person. Chinese green tea has taken still higher connotations than normal tea which is referred to a highly pleasing and personality is called after it. A cup of tea is also referred to express friendship of two gentleman.

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