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Dieter's Green Tea

Green tea aids in losing extra weight. So use of green tea as a dieter’s tea in weight losing program is very common. The use of green tea in China is very common, which is mainly used as traditional herbal beverage. The green tea is very popular for its cleansing action and as it helps in digestion.

Working Procedure and Beneficial Effect of Dieter's Green Tea

It is recommended that when dieting with green tea, one should follow a certain weight loss program and have a balanced diet as per the advice of the health care professional. One should be very cautious to include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and pure water. The dieter’s green tea is never recommended for the sick people, children, eldery persons, pregnant women or nursing mothers. Green tea works great in shedding extra pounds from body weight. Besides, it has many beneficial effects like it prevents cancer, strengthens heart, and also works against various infections. Green tea acts as the great detoxifier. This is a herbal stimulant laxative that promote bowel movement and cleansing. It cools and harmonizes the stomach. Research shows that the antioxidant present in the green tea promotes healthy metabolism. The dieter’s green tea is usually decaffeinated using a specialized decaf procedures involving carbon dioxide that retains the antioxidants in the green tea.

Suggested Use and Brewing Direction for the Green Tea

One cup of green tea should be taken after the dinner and in a day the intake of green tea should not exceed more than two cups. Before using the green tea it should be made weak by brewing it briefly. Alternatively, another procedure may be followed by the dieter’s to drink the green tea. One can brew one tea bag of the green tea in two cups of water for two minutes and then after removing the tea bag drink one cup hot or cold. Then the other cup of the green tea should be refrigerated for using in the next day. After using for several days, one may gradually increase the strength of the green tea to suit the individual taste. Green Tea should not be taken for more than seven consecutive days as per the direction f the physicians. To make Green Tea brew one must pour 1-2 cups of boiling water in a cup and then place 1 tea bag in it. Then it should be leaved for 2-5 minutes. The tea bag then should be removed from the cup after squeezing it gently. A tea bag can be reused to get more herbal benefits from it. To make the green tea taste more delicious it can be tried with lemon and honey. Green Tea is not recommended for pregnant woman, nursing mothers, elderly and sick people and for the children. When suffering from diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain green tea should not be used as this might worsen the condition. While under any treatment or having any medications, the physicians should be consulted before taking green tea.

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